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The more he talks, the more Diplo makes clear that a Jack Ü reunion really is happening. And fans couldn’t get more excited at the prospect! After playing their 2015 hit, “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Justin Bieber during a festival a few months ago, fans are already speculating if the producer really will bring back his side project with Skrillex “Comment a 🙌 if we should release some more jack ü,” Diplo captioned an Instagram post with. That alone had lots of people start to question whether the duo will get back together soon. Then recently, the music producer revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that such plans really might come into fruition. When asked about his Jack ü teasers, he replied that the duo might release something as early as next year. ” I think Skrillex has a lot of material he’s been gearing to release. When that happens I think we might be able to do some new stuff, but I’ve worked on a lot of ideas for the project. It’s all in due time. There’s not any rush for it or anything.” he stated. 

Though he only shed light on Skrillex’s busy schedule, Diplo currently has a lot on his plate too. He has yet to release—nor even reveal a release date—Major Lazer‘s impending final album, “Lazerism“. Diplo announced the title change from “Music Is The Weapon” in an interview with Complex magazine. The EDM trio has since released multiple singles from the record, including “Can’t Take It From Me,” “Make It Hot,” and “Que Calor”. In them, they collaborated with huge names in the Reggae and Reggaeton genres, such as Skip Marley, Anitta, J Balvin, and El Alfa Skrillex, on the other hand, has stayed silent about what his upcoming musical projects are. Even as Diplo continues to drop multiple hints, the DJ has remained quiet throughout all the noise. He did confess, at some point on Twitter, that he kept himself busy working on new material. He’s also got a string of gigs lined-up until the end of the year. In fact, he, alongside Marshmello, just ended their residency in Las Vegas’s KAOS nightclub. And MTV’s Snowglobe Music Festival just recently named him their big EDM headliner for the New Year’s Eve party in South Lake Tahoe. 

So with a lot going on, as well as silence from Skrillex himself, fans are still unsure whether to believe Diplo about his Jack Ü teases. What do you think? Is EDM finally going to see the electric duo team up once more this 2020? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!  Image Credits:

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