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As far as side projects go, Armin Van Buuren certainly tipped the scales with this one. The Dutch DJ recently announced he’s opening his own escape room at Amsterdam’s ADE Festival this month. The Armada Music founder’s latest endeavor comes in collaboration with Sherlocked Mystery Experiences. It’s to coincide with the release of his own upcoming record, “Balance”.   

“Launching my own escape room in celebration of my new album Balance is something I’m very excited about. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the album and the game, and I hope you can fully lose yourselves in the story of Balance. And that you manage to get out unscathed of course!”,” Van Buuren shared in an official statement. He also went on Twitter to release a teaser video for the attraction. “I’m a huge fan of escape rooms and I’m going to get my very own Armin van Buuren presents ‘Balance’ Escape room in the city center of Amsterdam,” he confessed in the tweet. 

The premise of the escape room is relatively simple. Questors have to uncover the secret to Van Buuren’s success, which the DJ hid in a vault under Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage. Teams of four to six people will enter the building and try to unlock the secret to “Balance,” which is the title of Van Buuren’s next release. A press release further explained, “Based on Sherlocked’s award-winning heist experience ‘The Vault,’ the ‘Balance’ escape room allows players to dive headfirst into Armin van Buuren’s brand-new album and its hidden message. Posing as music journalists, they need to gain access to a high-security vault complex in the heart of Amsterdam and solve numerous puzzles in order to discover what it takes to ensure success as an artist in the music industry today.” Whatever that ‘Balance’ is will be up to the teams to find out. However, as for Van Buuren himself, the ‘Balance’ he refers to in his latest record might have something to do with mental health. In a recent appearance in the Dutch TV talk show, “Jinek,” he opened up about his own struggles with mental health. “I suffered a lot from it. In 2010, I was the number 1 in the world, but the most unhappy person on earth.” he openly admitted. He also confessed about the pressures he’s facing as one of the biggest and most successful DJs in the industry right now. 

“You are just as good as your last show. You are just as good as your last single. And I started producing only for those few fans who were critical. That felt like a straitjacket, but since ‘This is what it feels like,’ I actually got rid of that. And I am still very loyal to my fans. The new album also has a bit of the old Armin sound. I also like that sound and I still embrace that. But I noticed that I have to take those creative steps to keep developing myself.” Van Buuren explained. 

He ultimately noted that, at the end of the day, it’s all about the fans. “Yes, I still want to please every fan. Every fan is important to me. I can’t stand it when one fan says he didn’t like it at all. Somewhere it is also good because that also triggers you to get better and there is always some truth in it.”  Van Buuren’s upcoming album, “Balance” will drop on October 15, 2019. Meanwhile, his own Escape Room will open on October 16, 2019. For more information and to book a session in the attraction, click here

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