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This past weekend, the place to be was at Austin, Texas. They just hosted another edition of their Austin City Limits music festival and it was nothing short of amazing. Some music’s biggest names headlined their first weekend, helping converge and intergenerational audience that celebrated music in all its genres and forms. Out of all the performances during the first weekend, here were the stand-outs:

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is undoubtedly the dynamo of this generation. If people needed any more proof of that, they simply had to see her dominate the stage at this year’s ACL music fest. From “COPYCAT” to “Ocean Eyes,” she delivered hit after hit after hit to her legions of young screaming fans. She inimitably conjured up the biggest audience out of the two-day event. Most of which were hysterical teens devoted to seeing their youthful idol in all her glory. “Could we all try to live in the moment and celebrate … that we’re alive, I guess?” she asked the crowd. They cheered on as a reply.

King Princess

Texas is a relatively conservative state, so it’s not every day that they see an artist as wild and out there as King Princess. Gender-queer and New York-bred, it’s easy to think that the great State of Texas would have nothing to do with such a persona. Yet seeing how loud fans screamed for her and how well they received her in Austin, most would think otherwise. Wearing a stark white jumpsuit with a jeweled 69 on her butt area, she sang her provocative singles such as “Cheap Queen” and Pussy is God”. At the end of it, she proclaimed, “I’m so horny for Texas (and) so happy to be back… with the great Guns N’ Roses! “You will see me there, titties out!” 

Childish Gambino

“I broke my foot last year, I will not fail you this year,” exclaimed Donald Glover as he ventured into the stage. His musical act, Childish Gambino, was supposed to headline last year’s event. But due to an unfortunate injury, he had to cancel his appearance. This year, however, he more than made up for it when he performed a medley of hits. “Human Sacrifice,” “Summertime Magic,” and “Have Some Love,” were just some of his hits that made up his bombastic set. Of course, he also had the song that gave him his Grammy Award for Song Of The Year, “This is America.”

James Blake

Festivals like Austin City Limits serve as great vehicles for artists to drop new music. The fans are just so eager and excited to see them that they probably won’t care as much that the new songs are whack. And if they are, at least the artists can still perform their previous hits to remind the audience why they’re there in the first place. And so James Blake unveiled a new song, “You’re Too Precious” at this year’s ACL music fest. Fortunately for him, the new song was well-received as evidence by the shrieks that followed his performance.


For years, ACL has often remained one of the very few music festivals that converged both contemporary artists and legendary icons. So in the midst of Billie Eilish and Childish Gambino, there was Gun’N’Roses this year. They were undoubtedly the showmen of this year’s edition, accompanying their set with all sorts of pyrotechnics and fireworks spectacles. And of course, a medley of hits that have spanned through multiple generations. The likes of “November Rain,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and “Civil War”.

Austin City Limits 2019 Music Festival will hold its second weekend from October 11 to 13, 2019 at the city’s Zilker Park. What do you think of this year’s first weekend of Austin City Limits festival? Share your thoughts and reactions in our comments section below!   Image Credits:

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