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It’s an extremely sad day in music today. Kim Shattuck, frontwoman of bands The Muffs, The Pandoras, and more, has passed on at age 56. The punk rock icon lost her battle against ALS disease last October 2, 2019. Her husband, Kevin Sutherland, announced her death on social media. And since then, tributes and condolences have started pouring in.  “This morning the love of my life Kim passed peacefully in her sleep after a two-year struggle with ALS. I am the man I am today because of her. She will live with all of us through her music, our shared memories and in her fierce creative spirit. I love you always my Kimmy. Thanks for sharing your life with me.” shared Sutherland in his Instagram post. At 56 years old, Shattuck had already achieved icon status in the music industry. She was a strong and huge force in the alternative rock and punk scene in the late 80s and 90s. 

Shattuck started her career as part of the all-female hard rock band, The Pandoras. The group saw many members throughout the years, and Shattuck was only active in it from 1985 to 1990. She then started her own band, The Muffs, with fellow former Pandoras bandmate, Melanie Vammen, in 1991. This time, Shattuck took the reigns as the lead vocalist and stayed as the band’s frontwoman till her death. Though similarly to The Pandoras, the band saw many members come and go, the core group of Shattuck, Ronnie Barnett, and Roy McDonald still continued to make music together. Even though they were on and off. 

In fact, the band had recently reunited to release their first album in five years. “No Holiday” was slated to drop this month. As of now, there’s no word yet if they will still release it or not. Her death came relatively as a surprise, even though Shattuck had been battling the disease for two years now. In a previous interview with Vents magazine, she shared, “Sadly, it runs in my damn family, and that disease is a mystery to just about every scientist! We are definitely interested in finding a cure for ALS! Cure it already!”. She has also relayed that the disease had killed many of her relatives.  Today, people are showing their grief and disbelief surrounding the music icon’s sudden passing. She also trended on social media, with a lot of people expressing their condolences to the late singer’s family and friends. “A voice for the ages, heard in so many bands today, forever unmatched. RIP” tweeted Pitchfork editor Jeremy D. Larson (@jeremydlarson). Meanwhile, stand-up comic Dan Telfer (@dantelfer) posted, “Kim Shattuck was a snarling herald of doom who got kicked out of the Pixies for stage diving. Farewell.”. And music executive Molly Neuman (@mollydneuman)shared, “Kim Shattuck was the person I knew was cooler than I could ever be. Her riffs and melodies and style and substance. I’m so sad she is no longer with us. Listen to The Muffs. Listen to The Pandoras.”.

Rest In Peace to the musical punk icon that is Kim Shattuck. If you want to share your reactions and condolences, you do so in your comments section below! 

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