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After 15 years of hiatus, Italian nightclub Jaiss will finally open its doors once again. The nightlife hub in Florence was once one of the go-to hotspots in the area. It helped define Italian rave culture and was central in helping advance the careers of several DJs. Now, it seeks to do the same again with a big relaunch! 

Opened in 1994, Jaiss nightclub was once one of the centers of Italian and European EDM scene. It served as the perfect modern nightlife hub in contrast to Florence’s famously rustic and historic environment. However, “administrative problems” behind the scenes led the owners to close down the establishment back in 2004. Though that didn’t stop them from still hosting raves of their own. From then to now, the team behind Jaiss continued to offer their special brand of EDM in various venues across the country. One of the more memorable was their hosting Mind Club‘s 25th Anniversary party last year. Now, they’re returning to their original home in Florence.¬†

Ultimately, fans and patrons can expect the relaunch party to be quite the EDM event. The team invited a flurry of industry heavyweights to set the scene, including Perc, Fabio MC, Francesco Zappal√†, and more. They’ve also started marketing the event on social media. Those who remember Jaiss during its heyday more than a decade ago got the shock of their lives when the nightclub suddenly set up their own Instagram account. On the platform, they revealed that the hotspot is indeed re-opening during the 2019-2020 season. And to remind people of their former glory, the page posted stories full of snapshots of what the nightclub was like during the 90s and early 2000s.¬† Out of all the headliners they booked for the party, Italian DJs Fabio MC and Francesco Zappal√† will instill their signature Mediterranean techno twists. Their participation will ensure that the relaunch becomes the Italian EDM event of the season.¬†

DJ Perc, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the more notorious in the bunch. He surprised fans by returning to his Perc Trax label this year after exiting back in 2017. Additionally, earlier this year he made his rather controversial views on the current state of the EDM scene known in an interview with Festicket. He insisted that a lot of today’s techno stars, especially the men, are too caught up in approaching EDM in a dark and moody way. “I don’t want techno to be seen as angry, dark, male music. I think it can express a whole wide range of emotions and by reinforcing this image, a lot of artists aren’t doing the genre any favors.‚ÄĚ he decidedly stated.¬† Italy’s Jaiss nightclub will officially relaunch on October 19, 2019. What do you think of the Florence hotspot finally returning? Do you think it will change the game of EDM in Europe as it once did before? Share your reactions in our comments section below!¬†

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