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Talk about a big Fashion Week moment! Jennifer Lopez tore up the runway wearing a remake of her famous Versace dress that helped launch Google Images. The superstar closed the label’s Spring 2020 fashion show this past Milan Fashion Week. And judging by the roaring applause in the audience and the noise it made on social media, the stunt was a hit! Back in 2000, Jennifer Lopez wore a skin-baring palm tree-printed dress at the Grammy Awards. Made out of incredibly light chiffon, the garment did little to cover the pop star’s many assets. The dress came from Versace’s Spring 2000 collection. They even featured it in their ad campaign. Supermodel Amber Valetta, who also sported the look on the runway, starred in the campaign. And because of its provocative style, JLo’s red carpet moment caused a frenzy among fans and critics alike. Google’s CEO at the time Eric Schmidt shared, “We had no sure-fire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: JLo wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born,”. 

Twenty years later, Both Google and Versace, as well as Lopez herself, are still reeling from the success of that iconic moment. In fact, all three actually reunited to collaborate on this fashion show that became as talked-about as the original red carpet moment. Google shared in its official blog that they worked with designer Donatella Versace to create a similar viral-inducing spectacle. They made use of their new VR-painting app, ‘Tilt Brush,’ to incorporate the dress’s imagery onto the runway set. It all ultimately worked well with the collection, which also heavily displayed the palm tree-print across a multitude of skirts, suits, and dresses. And before fans think that this was the first time Versace and Lopez worked to recreate the famous dress, think again! Through the years, JLo has worn all sorts of variations of the Googled garment. In 2014, for example, the singer wore a bodysuit-and-caftan-like ensemble featuring the famous print during her Bronx concert that year. And in her music video for “I Luh Ya Papi,” Lopez also wore a jumpsuit version of the dress. Simultaneously, Versace has also recreated the piece in her many seasonal collections. Her most recent re-interpretation was in her Pre-Fall 2019 show, which featured the same risque silhouette but replaced the palm trees with multi-colored hearts. 

Perhaps the most striking about the recent Fashion Week moment was both the nostalgia it inspired among fans and the about-face turn of the fashion crowd regarding the dress. At the time, fashion’s finest heavily criticized the Versace look for its purported lack of sophistication and ‘vulgar’ style. Now, however, all the critics that wrote negatively of the look before praised Versace’s fashion show finale spectacle. And just a few moments after it happened, most major fashion and lifestyle publications from all around the world re-posted images and video clips of JLo’s runway extravaganza on Instagram. And highly likely, people searched it up on Google Images as well. What did you think of Jennifer Lopez’s internet-breaking runway moment at Versace’s Spring 2020 fashion show? Was it the major moment you’d expect from such an event? Do you think it will bring palm tree-prints back in style? Share your reactions in our comments section below! 

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