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Who doesn’t love going out? After a long hard day at work, it feels so good to go leave home and enjoy the world after dark. But in recent years, nightlife has gotten much more complicated. This is especially for women. There are so many things that can make going out an uncomfortable and slightly dangerous endeavor for ladies out there.

Fortunately, here are the top ten tips & tricks to help you femme fatales with your nightlife adventure that all guarantee a good time!

Check Online for EventsNightlife 1

Don’t know where to go but you’re itching for some nightlife fun? Check out events online. Your favorite nightclub might be hosting an amazing party tonight. Or the bar that’s nearest to your place is possibly celebrating a milestone, which means free drinks! Going to an event might save you more time and money. 

Know Your LimitNightlife 2

Before you go out, it’s best to know what your alcohol tolerance level is. No matter how you want to seem cool to your friends and other people in the club, if you go beyond your limit, you’ll look like an absolute fool. If you don’t mind going over your limit, however, make sure you have a friend who can bring you home safely! 

Try to Bring a Friend Nightlife 3

Just because you’re an independent woman who ‘don’t need no man’ doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with a friend or two. Going out is a lot more fun with the girls, as well as a lot safer. If any of you get too carried away with the drinks, another can drive the whole group home safe and soundly. 

Always Tell Someone Else Where You’re GoingNightlife 4

Flying solo tonight? Just make sure to tell someone else where you’re going. Be it your parents, siblings, friends, or even just your next-door neighbor. This way, if something happens to you and you’ve been gone for an unusual amount of time, they’ll know something’s up and will alert the authorities! 

Bring Extra FlatsNightlife 5

Sure, your heels are fancy as hell, but when the night is through, you’d never wish to see them again. To make sure that you end the night still in love with your shoes, pack some flats. Fortunately, there are lots of evening clutches you can buy that can fit them. Or you can go for the flexible pairs that you scrunch up tightly inside your or purse. 

Mirrors are A MustNightlife 6

You don’t want to roll up in the club with lipstick on your teeth, don’t you? Or that you actually haven’t blended your highlighter properly enough? Bringing a small mirror will do wonders to avoid such embarrassing faux pas. And the best part? You won’t have to line up in the club’s crowded restrooms. 

Bars are Better For Going SoloNightlife 7

Another good tip for you solo nightlife owls out there: stay by the bar instead. Whether you’re in a nightclub or in an actual bar, hanging out by the bar area gets you more action than having your own table. You won’t have to bear pissed off glares from groups neither. In the safety of a seat at the bar, you’re open to anything and anyone. 

Check Your Drink Before SippingNightlife 8

At all costs, you check your drink before taking a sip. This is another reason why when going solo, it’s always better to hang by the bar. You can watch the bartender make your cocktail. Never, under any circumstances, simply take a drink given to you by a stranger. Always make sure your cocktails come from the bartender/waiter. 

Be Careful When Giving Away Your Personal DetailsNightlife 9

It’s understandable that part of why you wanted to go out was to meet new people, hopefully, a potential significant other. But before you go off giving your personal details to strangers, just be wary. Start with just your phone number, and when you’ve gone on a couple of dates and gotten to know each other better, then you can reveal more! 

Avoid Dark SpacesNightlife 10

Those alleyways behind the club, those street corners just outside the bar—these are places that are best to avoid. There may be something sketchy going on and it will do you good to avoid them. No matter how much someone wants to drag you into these areas, try to avoid them at all costs! 

Women, these tips & tricks have your back! Living by them every time you go out will not only ensure you’ll have a good time, but they’ll also guarantee your safety the next morning as well! Just follow them and enjoy the night! 

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