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What do you get when you put four talented women in one track? Charli XCX’s latest single! The pop star recently released “Warm” featuring pop-rock band, Haim. The new track serves as her third collaborative song from her upcoming third studio album, “Charli”. Incidentally, all five of her already-released singles from the record are collaborations. 


Listen to Charli XCX’s “Warm” featuring Haim below:



Compared to her other pop tracks, the tone of “Warm” stays true to its title. The song is smooth and somber, toned-down in relaxing yet impactful undertones. XCX’s voice remains in a low timbre, even when the beats and melodies grow stronger in some parts of the track. But make no mistake, the single is just as upbeat as the pop star’s other works. And mixed with Haim’s beautiful rhythms, the song ventures into the transcendental territory. This is most especially in the later parts when elegant yet completely electric synths slowly overtake the vocals to fade the song to a close. 


For many fans, it was only a matter of time for Charli XCX and Haim to collaborate. Though their sounds are largely far apart, even more so their styles, both pop music acts have always projected similar personas. Those of the rebellious girls who define femininity and social norms into their own standards. They’re the new faces of pop music, those that don’t adhere to the bubblegum pop influence from the 1990s and early 2000s. Their sound and look depict a widely modern take on it, one that’s slightly alternative and edgy. At times, their music can sound so extreme, many people don’t consider them pop anymore. 


As far as collaborations are concerned, Charli XCX sure knows what she’s doing. As mentioned earlier, all five of her released singles for her forthcoming record feature different artists. The biggest of them all, arguably, is Lizzo. The pop star teamed up with the vivacious rapper for “Blame It On Your Love”. It’s her first single off of “Charli,” having dropped it last May 15, 2019. The track is an upbeat bop that’s signature Charli XCX, with sick rhymes from Lizzo. However, the single failed to make it on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. It also only reached a peak of 70 on the UK’s Singles Chart. 

Charli XCX

Still, the underwhelming performance of her first single didn’t seem to discourage the pop star. She went on to collaborate with Sky Ferreira Christine and the Queens, and now Haim for her subsequent songs. She also revealed that the likes of CupcakKe, Big Freedia, Kim Petras, Clairo, and Yaeji are all slated to appear in her record. With such a lineup, it looks like XCX’s latest release is the girl power album of the year. 


Charli XCX’s “Warm” featuring Haim is now available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Her upcoming third album, “Charli,” will drop on September 13, 2019. 


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