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It’s finally September, and you know what that means! It’s the most fashionable season of the year! While summer was all about flaunting your body, fall is mostly covering it up with the best trends your money can buy. And there was an abundance of that during the Fall 2019 Fashion Week shows last February. 

For this year, designers didn’t hold anything back. They gave everyone a flurry of trends to fall head over heels for! Here are five of them. 

All Suited Up

If there’s one thing that fashion has embraced in recent years, it’s being woke! What used to be an industry that seemingly objectified women now uplifts them and helps them better evoke power and strength. And what’s more powerful-looking than a well-tailored suit? These days, ladies can rock a man’s suit just as well (perhaps even better) than any man. And as Karl Lagerfeld proved with his final collection for Chanel, one need not sacrifice her femininity to embrace the power suit. Even Givenchy and Balenciaga curved their own tailoring to create an entirely new look for women; one that’s just as strong and powerful! 

Rough & Romantic

And speaking of embracing one’s femininity in this patriarchal world, a woman doesn’t have to sacrifice her love for romanticism as well. She just has to rough it up a bit. After all, it is 2019! The romantic femininity that most people grew up with is constantly redefined by fashion designers today. Take Prada, for instance, with her mix of the classic military style with old-school Sicilian lace. Or Dior, with their unique combinations of frilly tulle dresses under structured outerwear. And if a lady wants to look slightly punk but still pretty, she needn’t look further than Jeremy Scott with his graffiti-inspired ensembles. 

That 70s Chick!

Of course, with all this talk about modern feminism and moving society forward in style, it pays to look back at the past from time to time. Fashion is no stranger to nostalgia, and season after season, there seems to be that particular decade that inspires designers. This season, it’s the 1970s, the era of women’s liberation. It’s when women started flaunting their sexuality with daring outfits, like the mini shorts and plunging necklines from Saint Laurent Paris this season. They also went wild with prints in a rather “devil may care” attitude in style. And such motifs clearly inspired Emilio Pucci this season as well! 

Covered in Coats

Apart from all the girl power, however, designers also want women to cover up this season. As many may know, climate change is taking hold of the planet, and after the more brutal summer comes a harsher fall and winter. It’s best to stay prepared in style for such weird weather patterns. According to Max Mara Atelier, for instance, a stark white cocoon-like coat that can match the snow makes a hell of an impact. As will an icy blue oversized anorak from Burberry Prorsum. But if one wants to stay flirty with their outerwear, Dolce & Gabbana‘s fur-trimmed blush silk number makes for a great hot date outfit! 

Golden Girls

No matter how bleak the world seems right now, designers want to remind everyone that people are still golden! Especially for their nightlife ensembles! It seems today’s tastemakers are saying that in this day and age, ‘loud and proud’ is the way to go when partying! At first, the big trend was neon, now it’s going for gold! Take a cue from Alexis Mabille, for instance, whose flared metallic gold pantsuit hits two birds with one stone: 70s and gold. While Moschino, on the other hand, went with a classic bustier silhouette in the shimmering rich hue. There’s no other way to party apart from wearing gold, that’s for sure! 

The next time you want to have a girls’ night out this fall season, these are the trends to wear! You’ll not only look powerful, but you’ll also look better and party harder! 

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