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What a comeback! A$AP Rocky let everyone know that he’s back and better than ever with his new music video for “Babushka Boi”. With a quirky take on the classic heist film theme, a high fashion wardrobe, and a Boyz Noize-produced single, the video has since gotten a lot of attention. 

This new track comes after Boys Noize, whose full name is Alexander Ridha, worked on a flurry of other collaborations earlier this year. Most famously, he recently reunited with Skrillex to revive their ‘Dog Blood‘ side project. Back in May, the duo dropped “Clap Back Vol 1,” their first mixtape in six years. They’re also set to release the studio version of their collaboration with singer Ty Dolla $ign, “Midnight Hour,” soon. Last July, Ridha also collaborated with Lady Gaga for an entirely different project altogether. He co-crafted the music for the first advertisement of the pop star’s own cosmetic line, “HAUS LABORATORIES“. 

Watch A$AP Rocky’s “Babushka Boi” music video below:

The video takes its plot cues from the 1955 British black comedy crime film, “The Ladykillers“. The aesthetics, on the other hand, has a stark Wes Anderson feel. It starts with A$AP Rocky as part of a group of escaped prisoners fleeing from pig-faced policemen. They then don dapper 50s/60s-esque suits and take hold of a bank. The rapper, now wearing an actual babushka, and his crew steal money and escape just in time. As the police chase them, they head to a suburban house owned by middle-aged Russian women. They take refuge in the house, even hanging out with the old women as they play cards and read newspapers headlined by their crime. 

A showdown between Rocky & the criminals and the police then ensues. But with their old-school machine guns, the rapper and his crew beat the boys in blue easily. Celebrating their victory, the criminals then don surgeon outfits and impale their foes, laughing maniacally as they approach them with their medical tools. The video then cuts to clips of packed sausage and other meats. It’s implied that the sausages are made out of the remains of the half-pig humanoid police that the rapper and his group tore apart. The final shot is that of another half-pig humanoid policeman eating a hamburger, possibly made from one of his colleagues. Despite its widely entertaining plot and aesthetics, A$AP Rocky took a big risk with such a video. It touched on current hot-button political topics, especially that of his own recent controversy. Earlier this year, Swedish courts convicted the rapper on assault charges. But prior to the final verdict, the Scandanavian country already incarcerated him for a little over a month. It made headlines all over the world and led to various influential figures, including US President Donald Trump, to pressure Sweden to release him. Though he is no longer required to serve time, the rapper faces a fine of 12,500 Swedish krona—around $1,302.00

A$AP Rocky’s “Babushka Boi” is now available for streaming on major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. What do you think of the rapper’s latest music video? Share your reactions in our comments section below! Image Credits:

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