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EDM goes political for Stop Brexit Now! Sound System. Set alongside an anti-Brexit People’s Vote march this October, some of the industry’s biggest names are lending their music for a highly important political cause. The likes of The Chemical Brothers, HAAi, Floating Points, and more are ready to take on the stage in support of the UK remaining in the EUOn June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom shocked the entire world when they voted to officially exit from the European Union. The historic referendum saw 51.9% of the UK voting to withdraw from the Union, with many citing immigration as their main motive. Though as of this writing, the country is still within the Union because both parties are still negotiating the terms of the exit, the country expects to fully withdraw from the EU soon. And since Brexit isn’t fully complete yet, ‘Remain’ supporters have established all sorts of campaigns to counter the referendum. The upcoming march and it’s subsequent music festival are part of such.

Block9 co-founder Gideön Berger organized the event as a response to Boris Johnson‘s recent election as the UK Prime Minister. The former mayor of London is notorious for his far-right conservative views, racist rhetoric, and staunch support of Brexit. His election triggered many ‘Remain’ supporters to create more campaigns and stage more events in opposing the referendum, even suggesting to hold another one in the hopes of undoing the first. As for Gideön’s own event, he describes it as “a consortium of DJs, crews, festivals, clubs, and sound systems,”. He then posted on Instagram the full line-up for his politically-charged music festival. “A consortium of DJs, crews, festivals, clubs, sound systems, and clubbers join forces in resistance to reject the hijack of the British political system. There’s no way in hell the people of this country are gonna be dragged back to the dark ages by Boris Johnson and his right-wing populist haters. Fuck that! Bring your friends, banners, loudhailers and everything you need to kickstart the revolution. R3 Soundsystem – Resist / Reject / Revolt. STOP BREXIT.” the DJ shared. While most festivals are sort of political, this is one of very few that take on specific issues. 

Additionally, apart from himself, Gideön has invited a flurry of big stars within the EDM community. Out of all of them, The Chemical Brothers probably garner a lot of excitement. Back in April, they released their ninth studio album, “No Geography“. It included a flurry of hits like “Free Yourself,” “MAH (Mad As Hell),” and “Eve of Destruction“. The album received so much critical acclaim that the duo went on a North American tour to promote it. They also played at various festivals throughout the year, such as Glastonbury, Creamfields, and more. While they’re frequent guests at such events, this is probably the first time they’re partaking in a specific and highly political EDM festival. Stop Brexit Now! Sound System will take place on October 19, 2019. It will accompany People’s Vote main Anti-Brexit and Anti-Boris Johnson rally. Click here to know more about the event!

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