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As the masters of teasers in the EDM game, Swedish House Mafia left another one after their Creamfields 2019 set. ‘06.09.19’ appeared on the screen right after their performance. For a brief silent moment, that date remained onstage, letting their fans know that they should expect something then. But what is in store exactly? Fans will have to wait to find out. Many fans are already speculating that the teaser means the trio plans to release new music soon. And it’s been a long time coming too. From 2013 to 2018, the EDM group went on a five-year hiatus. They only reunited last year during a special appearance at Ultra Miami in Florida. And since then, they went on a reunion tour for the most of 2019, beginning in March and will end in late September. Included in the tour were their major festival gigs, such as Ultra Europe in Croatia, FM4 Frequency Festival in Austria, and the recently-concluded Creamfields festival in the UK. 

If it is a new track, it won’t be their first since they reunited. They’ve since collaborated with all sorts of superstar artists for their new releases. One of their most notorious is their latest team-up with A$AP Rocky. The rapper, who recently garnered international attention when he got incarcerated in Sweden, partnered up with the Scandanavian DJs to create one of their new tracks this year, “Frankenstein”. Swedish House Mafia even teased it during their performance at Germany’s Melt Festival. Furthermore, they also registered a new track entitled “It Gets Better” on the online music registry, Shazam. Many fans are thinking that the teased date might be the release dates for these tracks.  Others, however, have a different idea in mind. For them, the teaser means they’ll announce a new tour soon. In fact, member Axwell may have already hinted at it himself. In a recent Instagram post, a fan commented asking when the group plans to go on an American tour. Axwell replied to the comment, simply saying “Yes,”. While it’s not an actual confirmation that the group will go on another tour, this slip-up might still mean something. And fans may actually find out more on that special date the group projected on screen after their Creamfields 2019 gig. 

Whichever it is, the group deemed the date important enough to tease it in one of their biggest performances to date. Stay tuned here for more updates! Image Credits:

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