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It’s not every day when an EDM star touches a classic, especially if it’s from decades earlier. But Kygo did just that with a song from the legendary Whitney Houston.  The Norwegian DJ surprised fans when he released a remix of the late icon’s cover of the song, “Higher Love” (by Steve Winwood) last June. And now, he has released a music video for it too! 

The video features several nods to the 1980s, arguably Whitney Houston’s heyday and the original era when Winwood released the song (1896). It begins with a group of guys from modern times walking down an abandoned path. The main guy with them stops and notices that there’s something going on in one of the seemingly empty warehouses. When they go over there to investigate, he and his buddies are shocked to see that women were rehearsing and dancing inside. But with their neon-colored bodysuits, headbands, and leg-warmers, it became clear that these women came from another period.   

Entranced by the instructor, the main guy goes inside and finds himself in 1980s-style dance garb. Furious for having disturbed their rehearsals at first, the female instructor finds herself falling for him as he reveals himself to be a good dancer. The two protagonists go on a romantic dance sequence white the other girls dance around them. The rest of the guys, on the other hand, remain outside transfixed by the whole scene. 

As their dancing gets steamier, however, another dancer accidentally kicks the instructor. It then cuts to the main girl, waking up from falling asleep in a cafe. It’s revealed that the whole video was mostly a dream sequence. And as she prepares to order, she notices that the waiter was actually the main guy in her dream. For now, it remains unclear whether Kygo plans to release more of these kinds of collabs. It has certainly proven successful, as the remix reached number one on Billboard‘s Dance Club Song chart. This makes Houston’s first posthumous chart-topper. The remix also serves as the icon’s first posthumous record and judging by its success, it won’t be her last. Clive Davis, Houston’s mentor & record producer, originally intended that the songstress release her cover of Winwood’s song as part of her third album. It didn’t make the cut, however, and the official recording was only released to the public through Kygo’s recent remix. 

“I was honored when the Whitney Houston estate reached out and presented me with the opportunity to work with one of the greatest female vocalists of all time,” Kygo shared about the collaboration. He first performed the song during his set at PrideFestival Utopia in New York City last June 30, 2019. At the same event, he raised a whopping $110,000 for the LGBTQ+ community. The Scandanavian DJ is one of few that have openly expressed their support for the community. This endeavor further solidified his role as an LGBTQ+ ally. “Higher Love” by Whitney Houston and Kygo is now available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Share your reactions on the song and music video in our comments section below.

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