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Pioneer streetwear brand Supreme just released their Fall 2019 lookbook and it’s a charmer. Inspired by Indian culture, it’s a slightly exotic-looking offering that features Hindu motifs, animal prints, and stark color combinations. It’s a visually vibrant selection that upholds the brand’s ‘loud and proud’ identity. And best of all, the clothes don’t rely too much on their iconic logo. 

See Supreme’s Fall 2019 Lookbook in the gallery below:

The ethnic theme comes as no surprise considering the video teaser they released earlier this month. Shot by photographer Ben Solomon, the clip features a snake charmer performing in a rural Indian town. His top shows Supreme’s iconic logo while snakes dance to his music. From this teaser alone, it’s already quite obvious what vibe the label is going for. However, the brand mostly offers pieces decidedly geared towards the Western market. Puffer coats, oversized anoraks, and letterman jackets all make up their Fall 2019 collection. And such clothes are far from what Indian people normally wear. 

Supreme intends to release it in New York, Los Angeles, and their European stores. So the much Westernized approach in terms of the products they’re offering makes sense. They also plan to drop the line in Japan shortly after, which also sees a similarly cold climate as these Western areas. Still, some fashion critics can’t help but note the strong disconnect between the theme the brand chose to the actual items they’re selling. And with so many issues in and around the fashion industry pertaining to cultural appropriation, only time can tell if going with an Indian-inspired collection is a wise business move for Supreme.
Notwithstanding such issues, however, the collection boasts a beautiful array of outerwear that Supreme fans will likely go gaga over. The convergence of Western silhouettes with Eastern designs makes for strong statement pieces that will catch people’s attention on the street. A notable piece is a fuzzy fur zip-up plastered with images of Hindu deities like Vishnu, Ganesh, and more. A leopard-and-cheetah print tracksuit, on the other hand, captures the natural exoticism of South Asia but also delves into classic sportswear. While a voluminous bright yellow puffer jacket with a black leather collar is the staple streetwear piece Supreme is beloved for. 

Retail-wise, apart from this upcoming collection, Supreme is venturing into other territories to evolve their line. One of their most notorious this season is an upcoming burner phone that they developed in collaboration with Blu. The phone features what you might expect from such a gadget: a 16GB memory card, a 2.4-inch screen, possibly a built-in screen, and it’s only 3G. Despite its well-logoed facade, the item harkens back to old-time cellphones during the advent of mobile gadgets. They’re far from the types of smartphones most Supreme fans likely use today. Nevertheless, the novelty of such a product might still garner retail success. Supreme will drop their Fall 2019 collection in their New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris stores on August 22, 2019. They’ll also release it in their Japan flagship on August 24, 2019. Online, the collection will be made available on August 29, 2019.  

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