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Here’s yet another case of artists taking over supermodels’ jobs. DKNY got singer Halsey and EDM duo The Martinez Brothers as the faces of their Fall 2019 ad campaign. Incidentally, it’s their 30th Anniversary as well, which makes this collaboration rather special. Along with the images, they also starred in accompanying video campaigns. Celebrating three decades in the industry, the theme of the campaign centers on the urban New York lifestyle. In the black and white underground-esque shots, the three artists show off the company’s latest collection. The brand used to operate as designer Donna Karan‘s sub-line but eventually grew into a streetwear staple for the city’s youth. From more affordable ladies-wear, they ventured into the streetwear market and struck gold. It’s currently one of few labels still operating that Karan founded. Back in 2015, she closed down her own designer brand and stepped down from leading DKNY as well. 

“DKNY is the spirit of New York. It’s diversity and drive. It’s hard work and a pinch of destiny. They say if a bee strays too far from its hive, it will die. DKNY keeps my home in my heart, and the magic in my mind. It’s an honor to be a part of their 30th birthday,” Halsey shared in an official statement. In her video, she dances around wearing the label’s Fall 2019 collection. They include a tailored check coat-dress, a matching set of leopard-print sportswear, and a monochrome navy denim ensemble. “As soon as I get on stage, I’m the best version of myself,” she confesses in the clip. 

The Martinez Brothers, on the other hand, sport the label’s latest menswear collection. They wear both their sportswear and evening wear selections, all while they dance around and play music. “Making moves, you know! Doing our thing and succeeding. That’s what New York is all about,” claimed Stevie Martinez Jr. in the video. His brother and DJ partner, Chris Martinez, then added, “We always pick each other up. Every day, we still, like, trynna make ourselves better,”. 

In a separate statement about their collab with DKNY, the brothers shared, “We were born and raised in the Bronx. We are blessed to have found our passion through music. It’s taken us to the far corners of the world, and along the way we have met so many people and have had the craziest adventures. At the end of it all though, New York is our home. It made us who we are and is with us always, wherever we may be. You can hear it in the music we play and how we talk and see it in the way we dress. That’s why this partnership with DKNY is so natural and makes perfect sense for us. Excited to be a part of their family and continue to tell this New York story,”. 

Additionally, both Halsey and The Martinez Brothers will perform at the brand’s anniversary during the second week of September. The event will take place in the Big Apple during New York Fashion Week Spring 2020. 

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