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Downtown Los Angeles welcomes back its new underground EDM festival for the second year in a row! Secret Project is set to return to the Californian city’s Chinatown with a full line-up of dance music heavyweights. They locked in the likes of Nina Kraviz, Helena Hauff, Frank Wiedemann, and more. The festival was the first of its kind during their maiden edition last year. US music festivals, EDM or otherwise, have always been more about the outdoor experience than the music, save for a couple of well-known events. Secret Project aims to capture the type of environment of European festivals, where more than the music, it’s also a celebration of artistry. That’s why in this LA-based rave, they also host a handful of exhibitions and installations for the attendees. And it’s no surprise that some of Europe’s best DJs play here. Its a congregation of worldwide EDM artists set against an underground industrial downtown venue. 

Out of all the headliners announced for this year, Nina Kraviz has fans extremely excited. Here, she’ll play b2b Helena Hauser, who herself is another big female artist in a slowly evolving field. Kraviz, a Russian-born EDM superstar, just released her latest EP last month, entitled “stranno stranno. Neobjatno”. It translates to English as “strange strange immensely” and it’s a three-track record that focuses on her strong affinity for 90s-esque rave music. The EP features a decidedly feminine nightclub touch, slightly sensual, but still powerful in its sexually subversive way. It’ll be no surprise if she plays all three new tracks in her upcoming b2b set for Secret Project. Kraviz’s b2b partner, Helena Hauff, also plans to release new music. On September 9, 2019, she will drop her latest EP, “Living With Ants”. The record will mark her first official release under her own ‘Return To Disorder‘ record label which she founded in 2015. It’s also her first new original music since her “Qualm” LP last year. A four-tracker, “Living With Ants” exemplifies the Hamburg-born artist’s affinity for pure electro music. Her new songs slightly take on a rather eclectic sound, but Hauff was still able to refine everything in a consistent and cohesive manner. And since Secret Project is in October, it’s likely that festival will serve as her first time performing this EP live. 

Another boss woman in the EDM game is Honey Dijon. One of the local DJs, this Chicago-born producer has been killing it this year. Apart from Secret Project, she’s the first international act that Lost Paradise music festival hinted as one of their headliners. They released a video teaser wherein the soundtrack was Dijon’s “Look Ahead” track. Meanwhile, she’s also booked to play at ENRG‘s Liverpool edition and the New Year’s rave, Beyond The Valley. With all these major gigs on the horizon, it looks like she’s ending what was a great 2019 for her with a big bang of her own. 

As for the guys, one of the more highly-anticipated is definitely Frank Wiedemann of Âme fame. The festival will serve as one of his rare appearances as a solo DJ. Even though he’s a German producer, however, that’s not to say he’s unfamiliar with American music. In fact, he and his partner, Kristian Beyer, are known to enjoy and dabble in Chicago house and Detroit techno music. Both sub-genres highly inform their own works, which helped them achieve a substantial American following. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that while Wiedermann is going solo for the LA festival, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of Âme. Secret Project 2019 will run from October 12 to 13, 2019. If you want to know more details about the event, click here!

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