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Rihanna might have just taken her first public step into releasing her upcoming album. She recently registered a new song, “Private Loving,” that she reportedly co-wrote with Demarco, on BMI. The “Work” singer seems to have grown tired of trolling her fans and finally showed she means business. Unsurprisingly, the news got Riri’s fans into a frenzy! In recent months, Rihanna has been trolling her fans about when she’d release her new music. One of her more infamous jokes was when she took to Instagram to imply that she may have been lying about her new music all along. In contrast, she already revealed that her latest record will center on reggae music—an ode to her Carribean roots. Pharrell Williams even teased that he might have worked on the new album too. But all these teasers have led to virtually nothing in the past few weeks. Riri has remained notoriously silent about her new music until now. 

Her registering what is possibly her first single off the album, “Private Loving,” is the first concrete sign of her new music. It’s a big step, one that she hasn’t necessarily made public in regards to her previous works. Though she didn’t reveal it herself, she hasn’t denied it either. She also hasn’t shared details about the song, such as what genre it is (most likely it’s reggae), if there will be featured artists on it, or when she plans to drop it. While she remains vague about her latest musical endeavor, her fans are otherwise comforted that there’s finally real proof of her upcoming album. But expect this bad gal Riri to continue trolling on social media. Still, the news set social media ablaze. As expected, it sparked a new hashtag on Twitter and trended for most of August 18, 2019. Twitter use Richard Santos (@SantosRichard90) posted, “The fact that @rihanna is coming with brand new music is getting me excited reportedly she registered a new song called ‘Private Loving’ #R9 #PrivateLoving #RihannaIsComing #Raggae #Dancehall #Vibes #Mood,”. User Jenna (@JRy347), on the other hand, just tweeted the hashtag with both the heart-eyes and fire emojis. And Twitter fan account FENTYIANNA (@FentyLovale) wrote, “#PrivateLoving coming for necks”. Judging by these tweets, it’s safe to say that #Navy is ready for #PrivateLoving. 

For now, as the world waits for her latest single, Rihanna stays busy with other endeavors. Her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, is still soaring high in terms of retail success. She also just released a new ad campaign for her lingerie label, Savage x Fenty. They feature the pop star showing off her natural curves in the brand’s latest line of sexy underwear. Then there’s her historic Fenty luxury clothing line, her own company under the LVMH group. It’s the first label under the French luxury behemoth that a woman of color founded and runs. Red Carpet stars like Sonam Kapoor and Bella Hadid have sported clothes from the line. Now, the world waits with bated breath on when we’ll get to hear even just a teaser of “Private Loving”. Do you think Rihanna has taken too long to make new music? How will she fare in the current diva showdown happening in the music industry right now? Share your reactions in our comments section below! 

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