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Just shy of one week before she releases her latest album, Taylor Swift just dropped her titular single, “Lover”. The song is just as she described it in previous interviews: raw, romantic, and emotional. It also harkens back to old-school Swift, when she was still releasing country songs about young love and hopeless romanticism. 

Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Lover” below:

Perhaps what’s most surprising about it is that it’s far from the more upbeat bubblegum pop songs Swift has released from the album so far. “Lover” takes her back to her “Fearless” days, when her songs were often ballads and less political. The rawness, however, remains the same. The lyrics of the song captures her essence of having and being a lover, especially in this day and age. Her lyrics of owning a place together and leaving the Christmas lights up set up a realistic narrative of young love. Though Swift’s songs are often personal, this is one of the rare insights to her relationship with her current beau, Joe Alwyn. 

Many fans are even speculating that the single implies that Swift might be engaged with Alwyn. Elle magazine broke down the song to decipher specific lyrics that are possible Easter Eggs (Swift is known to fill her songs/music videos with them). For example, for the third verse, they noted, “While this lyric doesn’t announce anything directly, it does confirm at the very least that the two are very serious. As Us’s source said of Alwyn in March, “Joe wants to marry her and she wants to marry him. He’s just waiting to find the perfect time to propose. He wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special.”After Swift debuted her latest single, she went on twitter to announce that she’ll premiere the music video for it next week, on August 22, 2019. “New song “Lover” is out tonight at midnight eastern! 💘 The music video will premiere after a very exciting @YouTube Live situation on August 22 at 5 pm eastern!” she tweeted. It’s just one day before she officially drops her latest album. Additionally, on the clip she accompanied her tweet with, she announced that on the said YouTube live session, she plans to talk more about her new album and her Stella McCartney collaboration line. She also shared she’ll perform a new song she’s never performed live before. 

Unsurprisingly, her latest single trended on Twitter. As of this writing, the hashtag “#LoverAtMidnight” is trending 3rd in the United States trends chart. Twitter user Renz (@renzrup) posted, “SELF-WRITTEN WEDDING SONG… SHE DID WHAT? THAT #LoverAtMidnight”. Use vee (@soitfuckingoes), on the other hand, tweeted, “THIS PART HAS ME IN TEARS, THIS SONG IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND DREAMY #LoverAtMidnight,” with screenshots of the lyrics from the song. And Maggie (@Maggie_Alt13) lauded, “Lover is so precious OMG #LoverAtMidnight”. Based on the reactions on social media, it looks like Swift has a new hit on her hands. 

Taylor Swift’s new single “Lover” is now out on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. She’ll drop her forthcoming album next week, August 23, 2019. Image Credits:

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