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British producer Ben Nicky finally dropped his latest single, “Like Fire,” featuring Australian EDM duo Mashd N Kutcher. Singer Luciana provided the vocals for this epic track that takes ravers to whole new kind of party. Nicky initially debuted it last month during his electric set at Tomorrowland 2019. The single was one of the many standouts in the entire festival. 

“Like Fire” is a standard rave-ready track you’d expect from the likes of Ben Nicky and Mashd N Kutcher. It starts with Luciana’s powerful vocals beautifully blending with the slow melodies that slowly rise up. They got some help from some powerful strings, providing an almost ethereal vibe that’s since become a favorite element among EDM music today. As the song picks up, you can get a sense that a major drop is about to hit, especially since Luciana starts to strengthen her rhythm with her vocals. And before you know it, by the 0:54 mark, you’re hit with a series of aggressive beats. 

It becomes the kind of head-banger you’d expect to hear in nightclubs and any other hot music festivals. The bass is so strong, you can actually feel that you’re being pounded by the music. After the 1-minute mark, it picks up even more and goes faster. It induces an adrenaline-pumping rhythm that pressures you to catch up, and once you think you have, it slows back down again with the vocals. Similarly to the intro, Luciana’s effervescent chords provide the tinge of transcendence, keeping the track balanced. But as it picks up again, the more aggressive beats no longer stop until the song is all finished. In an interview with Billboard Dance, Mashd N Kutcher shared that the track had taken about a year to make. They began producing it in Los Angeles, where the Australian duo was working with Luciana for a new project. “Day one was a journey through many ideas, but in a feeling many writer/producers will relate to, we hit a wall and left empty-handed. Thankfully, thoughts sparked overnight, and on day two the vocal was born. (The) inspiration being the struggle for love and power between the queen of the jungle and her king.” the producers stated. They also revealed that they experimented with the track a few times before sending it to Nicky. 

“I really enjoyed crossing some boundaries with this one,” admitted the British-born DJ. Nicky polished the track off with his signature aggressive beats and strong melodies. He finished it just in time for his Tomorrowland set last July. And based on the crowd’s reaction to it during the festival, it was a complete success. It was one of the more well-received parts of his Weekend 1 set at the festival’s highly-anticipated ‘Shine‘ stage. 

Watch his Weekend 1 ‘Shine’ stage set with “Like Fire” below:

Ben Nicky and Mashd N Kutcher’s new single, “Like Fire,” featuring Luciana is out now. You can listen to it on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. 

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