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Based on his recent Instagram post, Skrillex is planning to officially release Dog Blood‘s collaborative track with Ty Dolla $ign soon. He shared a clip of when they played the single, “Midnight Hour,” during their set at Miami Music Week 2019. The DJ captioned it with “COMING SOON” and tagged Dog Blood partner Boys Noize and the singer himself. Noting the date of this year’s Miami Music Week, it’s safe to say that the upcoming release has been a long time coming. It’s also possible that the duo could have included the track in their recent EP, “Turn Off The Lights,” which dropped last May. That record only had four songs, two of which featured other artists as well. But since “Midnight Hour” already “premiered” on his set two months prior, fans wondered why they didn’t include it in the EP. It’s even gained traction online, through fan-made videos and recordings of the song during the aforementioned festival. 

With this release, it’s safe to say that 2019 is shaping up to be Dog Blood’s biggest year yet. The duo newly reunited since their glory days in 2013 and are now extremely in-demand. They’re booked left and right for music festival gigs, such as Ultra Miami, Sunset Music Festival, and more. Just recently, they were tapped to headline HARD’s Day of the Dead music festival this November, the premier Halloween-inspired event of its kind. Here, they’ll play with the likes of Tokimonsta and Damian Lazarus. It’s also highly likely they play their upcoming single, “Midnight Hour” too. Meanwhile, Ty Dolla $ign is also having a big year this 2019. Apart from this collab with Dog Blood, he’s preparing to release “Tyrone,” his forthcoming LP. He plans to drop it later this year. He even shared in an interview with Billboard magazine that Kanye West is helping him polish the record. “I had a meeting one time with Kanye and played him the album, and he was like, ‘Bro nah, you need to do what you do. Add more bass, add more drums, add more, the real shit, that’s what no one else is doing. Be the best you, bring that shit all the way up to the forefront.’ That conversation definitely inspired me, and made me go back and go crazy with the live instruments,” the singer stated. 

Furthermore, Megan Thee Stallion also tapped him for her upcoming single, “Hot Girl Summer,” alongside Nicki Minaj. Music producer Juicy J confirmed the collaboration via Twitter and also shared that Crazy Mike contributed to the track as well. Thee Stallion is planning to release it this Friday, August 6, 2019. Though none of them have confirmed if a music video is also on the horizon. Fans can expect Dog Blood to release “Midnight Hour” featuring Ty Dolla $ign this fall. Some of them even noted that, as with other Skrillex releases, they’ll likely drop the track on a Friday. The DJ follows this pattern with his own music. Stay tuned for more updates!

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