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Chicago’s Grant Park was turnt up this past weekend due to Lollapalooza 2019. The annual music festival saw the likes of Janelle Monáe, Lil Wayne, J Balvin and more lit up the stage with their medley of hits. It was a hugely successful event, especially compared to how other annual music festivals that have been having troubles nowadays. During the first day, The Chainsmokers immediately upped the ante with a rave-ready set. For what was a rather long period of time, they made the wide-open park feel like a nightclub with their barrage of dance hits. One, in particular, that was sentimental for the duo was “Roses,” their 2015 hit single. “The first time we played this song was right here four years ago on that stage over there,” Drew Taggart said as he pointed to the Perry stage. Additionally, the duo filled their set with all sorts of surprise guests, from singer Bebe Rexha to The Fray frontman Isaac Slade. 

Janelle Monae, on the other hand, dominated the second day. One of the more influential artists in the bunch, she filled her set with messages of hope, equality, immigration, and more. “We’re fighting against the abuse of power. We’re fighting to have Donald Trump impeached.” she sternly proclaimed during her set. She brought on an hour and five minutes of hit after hit, really driving in her political message to everyone who was present. And even when she went a little beyond her time, she still wanted to perform more. “I wish I had more time!” she shared before giving her final bow.  On the third day of Lollapalooza 2019, the headliners had their own surprises and news-making antics as well. Rapper Lil Wayne, for example, surprised the attendees by performing his own remix of “Old Town Road“. He called it the “new Weezy,”. Lil Nas X has always been open to artists remixing his now-legendary song. And just recently, his own remix with Billy Ray Cyrus just broke the record of the longest-running number-one hit on Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart. The rapper did not, however, share when his remix will officially drop online. 

Meanwhile, Colombian singer J Balvin made history as the first Latin superstar to perform at Lollapalooza. “Thank you Chicago, thank you United states, thank you, people, around the world that came here tonight,” he relayed during his set. He went on to perform a medley of his smash hits, some featuring other well-known artists. Sadly, none of them were present to share the stage with him. The reggaeton artist performed “Like It,” his collaborative single with Cardi B and Bad Bunny. As well as a remix version of Karol G‘s “Mi Cama,” which also featured Nicky Jam. But for the finale, he capped off the night with “Mi Gente” complete with a fireworks display. Other notable artists who also performed at Lollapalooza were Childish Gambino, Kacey Musgraves, Ariana Grande, and more. As far as their 2019 edition went, this was one of their most diverse line-ups in terms of genres and artists. 

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