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Ultra Music Festival just changed their official dates for their 2020 festival. They revealed that it will now take place from March 20 to 22, 2020. These are different from their previously announced dates, which were March 27 to 29, 2020. Subsequently, it was in a tweet that also announced that tickets are now on sale. 

Ultra agreed to tweak some of their plans in their agreement with the Miami City Council. Just recently, both the council and Ultra reached an agreement that allowed the latter to return to Bayfront Park next year. It included all sorts of conditions the festival has to adhere to in order to continue holding their festival on the same site. For over 20 years, Bayfront Park had hosted the Ultra Music Festival year after year. It was only this year that they didn’t due to a conflict between the Miami City Council and the festival’s organizers. 

Earlier this year, the City Council terminated their contract with the festival just a few months before their 2019 edition. They cited that the event had caused multiple problems for the city after their 2018 festival, which included noise complaints from local residents and getting extra security to safeguard the attendees of the event. As a result, Ultra had to take their annual event to Virginia Key, making this year the first time in over two decades that they weren’t playing on Bayfront Park. However, even there, the festival experienced problems, such as transportation issues and disturbance to marine life. After that, Ultra had to find other venues to hold their 2020 edition. Places like South Beach and Homestead-Miami Speedway expressed their interest in hosting the festival for 2020. This caught the attention of the Miami City Council. They then decided that maybe throwing out Ultra wasn’t a good idea. Some even stressed that they shouldn’t run businesses, especially those as successful as Ultra, out of their city. So as a response, they held a resolution that ultimately resulted in Ultra gaining the permit to hold their 2020 festival back at Bayfront Park. 

Apart from the date changes, Ultra also let their attendees know they will continue their sustainability initiative. They will incorporate it for their 2020 festival and beyond. “We are happy to announce that our ‘Mission: Home’ sustainability initiatives including our Leave No Trace policy, single-use plastic reduction efforts, and recycling program will continue in 2020 and beyond.” shared Vivian Belzaguy. She is the festival’s senior manager of sustainability. Similarly to Glastonbury this year, Ultra is getting stricter in terms of looking to end their festival clean and trash-free. Attendees are now, more than ever, encouraged to bring reusable containers and tumblers for their own refreshments. 

Next year’s Ultra Music Festival will now run from March 20 to March 22, 2020. Tickets are on sale now and you can learn more details by clicking hereImage credits:

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