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Fall is coming up pretty soon which, similarly to summer, is also a great season for partying. The weather is cold enough for a night out but not too much that you’d rather stay inside. And with loads of holidays here and there, you’ve got a lot of reason to party all season long. However, if you’re a man, what’s the best thing to wear on such occasions? You don’t want to look out-of-place with your dated styles and overused staples. You have to live it up with your outfits every once and a while. 

Fortunately, designers presented a lot of great trends for this season that are as rave-ready as you are. Here are some that are worth considering. 

Suits with No Shirt

Throw away your stuffy white shirts and take our your new suits out for a spin. According to the big brands, wearing suits no longer requires a nice shirt. It’s a younger take on a traditional staple, combining both a refined sense of style with a more youthful twist. It’s also a lot cooler, both literally and figuratively. And since fall is not so cold that you need a thousand layers, this is the perfect season to sport such a trend. 

Pajama Party

When you party all night long, save yourself the trouble of having to change clothes when you get home by sporting pajamas in your night out. Or at least, outfits that look like pajamas. This is a surprisingly popular trend that popped up in brands like Dior Men, Casablanca, and Dolce & Gabbana. These designers know that men are not too keen on spending too much time putting on and taking off clothes. So they just gave them a cool two-for-one trend that can literally take them from the dancefloor to the bedroom. 

Luxurious Leather

Want to look tough? Leather is always the way to go. Whether it shimmers when it’s hit by the strobing lights or it gives you that distinct form, leather will always be a masculine material. But don’t go out looking like a greaser from the 1950s. Wear leather in a more sophisticated and modern way. According to Louis Vuitton, for example, it’s a great textile add a little color with. While for Brioni, a chocolate brown suit is the way to go! 

Powerful in Pink

It’s 2019! Men can wear whatever color they want without their masculinity being put into question. Yes, even pink! This season, designers like Loewe, Alexander McQueen, and Etro are putting men in that pretty pastel hue. Whether through tailored suits or suede jackets, pink is no longer an exclusively feminine color. In fact, men who are secure enough to wear a monochrome pink ensemble to any party should be applauded. Now that’s some courage right there! 

Going for Grunge

Even for men, grunge is still going strong. And why not? It’s a cool style that works especially for partying all night long. Think tattered sweaters, distressed jeans, acid-washed pieces, and baring enough skin. It’s sexy yet cool, but also tough and powerful. It’s an underground look that’s gone mainstream yet, at the same time, it never lost its edge. And since just about everyone is on a 90s nostalgia trip nowadays, this trend is rocking all the runways and raves this fall. 

Men, this season is your time to shine in the club. Pull out your best style tricks and become the life of the party every time you go out! 

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