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Talk about the biggest music collab of the year! Lil Nas X just teamed up with BTS‘ RM to release “Seoul Town Road,” the latest remix of the former’s “Old Time Road”. Despite the addition of a K-Pop star, however, the song retains its unique mix of hip hop and country western genres. 

Listen to Lil Nas X and BTS’ RM remix, “Seoul Town Road” below:

In contrast to other remixes, “Seoul Town Road” mostly stays loyal to the original track. It starts with RM, one of the few members of BTS that’s fluent in English, taking over Billy Ray Cyrus‘s verse. He replaced “Old Time Road” with “Seoul Time Road” to refer to the South Korean capital where he and his group are based. Lil Nas X then starts his rap, still similar to the original track with Cyrus. But by the 2-minute mark, RM takes over the rapping as well. His word-play includes slight nods to Korean culture, most prominently the word ‘homie’ changed to ‘homi,’ a common farming tool in the East Asian country. 

Along with the new remix, the rapper also released new artwork for the single. It’s become a tradition that each remix is accompanied by a new track cover. The original image simply featured a black stallion on a white background. For the remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, a dark chocolate brown stallion was added onto the image. And similarly, with the new remix featuring BTS’ RM, a purple stallion is added with the black one on the artwork. The purple color symbolizes that a member of BTS is part of the track. Though slightly unexpected, this new remix isn’t a completely surprising release. The young rapper has been openly inviting various artists to remix his number 1 hit. He even encouraged them to put their own unique spins on it. Among those who’ve done so include Diplo, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey, and Cupcakke. Lil Nas X has also invited Mariah Carey and Smash Mouth. As a response, the former teased that they could combine both “Old Town Road” and “One Sweet Day” together. Both songs are currently tied as having the most number of consecutive weeks (16) atop Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart. Meanwhile, the latter responded, “let’s do it!”. 

With this new remix, Lil Nas X hopes to beat the record first set out by Carey’s “One Sweet Day”. Both tracks currently share the feat with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee‘s “Despacito” remix featuring Justin Bieber back in 2017. However, they’re facing a lot of competition this time around. Taylor Swift‘s new song, “The Archer,” for instance, already topped Itunes’ singles chart. It beat out the old remix with Billy Ray Cyrus as the number one track.  What do you think of the “Seoul Town Road” remix? Was it a clever rendition of what’s now a classic track in both hip hop and country western genres? Share your reactions on our comments section below! 

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