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Someone needs to tell Diplo not to play with people’s feelings. The music producer just teased on his social media about a possible comeback of Jack Ü with his former partner Skrillex. The duo officially disbanded back in 2015, but if Diplo’s latest teaser is any indication, fans just might see the reunion they’ve longed for all these years. 

Just recently, Diplo posted a video of himself at a festival remixing “Where Are Ü Now,” the duo’s collaborative single with Justin Beiber. “Comment a 🙌 if we should release some more jack ü,” he captioned the post and a barrage of people commented with the emoji on the post. Some of them were even big names themselves, such as “13 Reasons Why” star Ross Butler and One Republic lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, among others. Though one particular name was curiously absent from the post: Skrillex. He didn’t comment on the headline-making Instagram post. 

The EDM started this side project back in 2013. Although they’ve released multiple original songs, their most famous hits were ones they collaborated with other artists. For instance, their debut hit single, “Take Ü There” featured Canadian pop singer Keisza. It peaked at number 16 at UK’s Dance Singles chart and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). What followed is perhaps their most popular single to date. In 2015, they released “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber. The track peaked at number 8 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 Singles chart and was certified platinum and gold by a number of trade organizations. 

Watch the music “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber below:

At the height of their fame, the duo unexpectedly parted ways in 2016. In August of that year, Skrillex tweeted that at that point, Jack Ü is “done touring for a long long time,”. This prompted many to believe that a rift between the two DJs might have caused the eventual disbandment. However, shortly after posting it, Skrillex deleted the tweet. The following year, in March, Diplo revealed that Skrillex’s contract with Atlantic Records was what might have caused the disbandment. They faced difficulties working and touring together due to the latter’s own busy schedule. The pair remained friends all this time, even working together a couple of times, but not as Jack Ü. 

If a reunion is on the horizon, it comes at very different times in both DJs’ careers. Skrillex recently teased that he was working on new music that he’s planning to release soon. Though he hasn’t revealed any further details, his fans are already eagerly awaiting his newest drops. Diplo, on the other hand, is about to close down another collaborative side-project of his: Major Lazer. Founding member Jillionaire exited the group earlier this year. Furthermore, the remaining members are about to release their final album together, “Music Is The Weapon,” sometime this year. They even added in a replacement for the Trinidadian DJ, DJ Ape Drums from Texas. So it seems both DJs are busy working on music. Is a new track, or possibly an EP, by Jack Ü part of what they’re working on? Only time will tell. 

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