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It’s official! The Queen has returned! It’s been a good two years since Beyoncé released “Lemonade,” her last studio album. And with it a flurry of mind-blowing music videos such as “Formation,” “Sorry,” “All Night” and more. But now, with her recent role as Nala in Disney‘s live-action remake of the “Lion King,” she just dropped her new music video for “Spirit” and she’s looking better than ever! 

Watch the music video for “Spirit” below: 

True to the nature of the song, the video exhibited African themes and vibes. Even the clothes that Beyoncé wears in it all fit the African theme. The video itself is also reminiscent of other videos Knowles-Carter has released in the past. The strong female presence almost harkens backs to her “Who Run The World…Girls!” music video. Meanwhile, the poetic intensity of the interpretive dances might remind people of her “Mine” music video featuring Drake. Still, this release is much more cinematic than the aforementioned, especially with the stunning wide shots of what might be African lands. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy detail in this video is that Blue Ivy, Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s eldest child, makes a cameo here. She approaches her mom wearing a similarly lilac-hued ensemble, as other women gather to sing with the songstress. The video marks the second time Blue Ivy has appeared in any of her parents’ music videos. The first time was back in 2014 in Beyoncé’s “Blue” music video from her “Beyoncé” album. She was two years old then. But on “Spirit” she proudly acts as a proud African-American young woman, very similar to her mother. The video was also peppered with various clips from the live-action remake. For instance, the beginning shows the iconic scene of Rafiki showing off the newborn Simba from atop Pride Rock. A clip of a young African mother holding her own infant follows right after. Other clips include Mufasa talking to his young cub about the importance of their roles as current and future kings of the animal kingdom. The video also juxtaposed this with the image of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. Ultimately, Disney already showed most of the clips used here in their various teaser-trailers for the film.

The songstress herself released the single itself last week on various streaming apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and the like. It’s the first track off of “Lion King: The Gift,” a compilation soundtrack of various R&B, hip hop, and African Beat songs. Knowles-Carter curated the album herself, intending it to serve as another form of a cinematic experience that further conveys the message of the Disney film. In an official statement regarding the record, she shared, “Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery while listening to a new contemporary interpretation,”. Though the live-action remake of “Lion King” already premiered in Hollywood, London, and other major cities in the world, the film will hit theaters on July 19, 2019. Currently, Beyoncé and the rest of the film’s cast and crew are on a press tour to promote the release. 

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