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In terms of a huge comeback, this might just be the most hotly-anticipated of this year! In her recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Missy Elliott revealed that she’s planning to release new music soon. It will be her seventh album to date. Her last release was “The Cookbook” all the way back in 2005. While Elliott has since been featured in numerous singles, this new music will be her first original tracks in 14 years. The rapper revealed to the magazine that she’s planning to bring back a “Soul Train” kind of vibe. She shared that she wants her music to be both unique and get people back to dancing on the streets. However, the rapper did note that it won’t have a heavy disco era. “It’s ok. It’s not corny,” she insisted. And when asked again what she wants people to think upon hearing her latest works, she simply replied, “There’s no one like Missy. No one.”.

Actually, Elliott has mentioned her upcoming music before. Back in April, she told her fans via social media that she was busy working on a new LP that she’s planning to release soon. “I just finished a long project I been working on since last year & this my mood ‘Keep On Movin’ I’m about to show yall I’m on some next ish,” she captioned an Instagram video with. In it, she was dancing to what many speculated might be one of her upcoming tracks, which had an old-school feel to it familiar to the “Soul Train” vibe. 

Around the same time, the rapper tweeted a GIF of her dancing around in a studio with the caption, “Thank God I just finished a big project today & it has been a very intense no sleep 5 weeks working on this since last year. I’ve been sick on and off from weather change and this pollen has been kicking my ass but it will be all worth it! Im EXCITED🙌🏾”. She also teased that she recently reunited with music producer Timbaland to create the record. However, she hasn’t revealed any potential dates on when her new album will drop. 

Still, even apart from her upcoming release, 2019 has been a great year for Missy Elliott. She’s been working with some of the hottest names in music today, such as Lizzo and Little Mix, among others. She also recently got her honorary Doctorate Degree in Music from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. She even gave a speech during the graduation ceremony. And just last month, she became the first-ever female rapper to be inducted in the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. All of this solidified her legacy as one of the most innovative and influential rappers of all time. As of this writing, the rapper has yet to reveal the name of her upcoming album and when she plans to release it. It’s safe to expect, however, that she’ll drop this new LP around the beginning of the fall season. Watch this space for more updates! 

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