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Another day, another Disney casting. This time around, it’s for the heavily-favored role of Prince Eric, the heroic leading man in their 2019 “The Little Mermaid” film. Currently, Harry Styles is the first choice to play this iconic prince, leading everyone to go in a frenzy on social media. And while there were still some opposed to it, the overall reaction is that of excitement and a little bit of thirst. For now, Styles is only in talks to take on the role of Prince Eric. Fans often refer to the animated character as the first Disney Prince of the studios’ “Renaissance Era”. His distinct handsome characteristics make him one of the more recognizable figures within Disney’s canon. The character is the protagonist, Ariel’s love interest. It’s for him that she trades in her beautiful singing voice for a pair of legs to an evil sea-witch. The film mostly centers around Ariel’s mission to get Prince Eric to fall in love with her. And in fact, it’s he who eventually defeats the villain at the end of the film. At present, Styles is one of many high-profile casting choices that are still in negotiations for the film. In fact, Disney has only confirmed Halle Bailey as Ariel for the upcoming live-action remake as of this moment. All the others, including Styles, are not yet officially announced. They include Awkwafina as Scuttle, Jacob Tremblay as Flounder, and Melissa McCarthy as the film’s villain, Ursula. In contrast, the Twittersphere’s reaction to the latter was mostly polarizing. But for Styles’ potential role as the beloved human prince, people on social media had drastically different takes on it. 

The general consensus of the reactions on Styles playing Prince Eric has been overwhelmingly positive. Twitter use Maggie (@bottledseaglass) posted, “I would absolutely 100% ugly cry if Harry Styles got the role of Prince Eric,”. Mel (@peachesnmel) also tweeted, “I can’t believe we’re gonna be blessed with harry styles as a fucking prince,”. And Lauren Hope Bartling (@laurenxhope) posted, “If Harry plays prince Eric my life will be complete. prince! Harry styles is all I never knew I needed.”. There’s now even a new meme tweet wherein people want to audition for insignificant roles, such as frogs, fishes, and even rocks, just so they can stay near the British singer during filming. 

Styles’ possible role as Prince Eric also solidifies that this upcoming remake will still be a musical. Ariel’s Halle Bailey is also originally a singer and both stars have yet to take on leading roles in a film until now. The former-One Direction member, however, has shown his cinematic abilities on the big screen before. Back in 2017, he starred as Alex in Christopher Nolan‘s World War II epic, “Dunkirk“. Critics praised his neophyte performance, with many stating that his serious acting chops left them pleasantly surprised. That film earned major box office success and even received a Best Picture Oscar nod.  What do you think of this casting choice? Will Harry Styles do Prince Eric justice? Will he even get the role at all? Either way, it’s looking like Disney’s live-action “Little Mermaid” is the most highly-anticipated remake out of all that they’ve done in recent years. They haven’t begun filming yet they’ve already made a lot of headlines.

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