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This past weekend, a New York City blackout affected some of the biggest stars’ shows, parties and more. According to the New York City Fire Department, a transformer that sparked a fire at West 64th Street and West End Avenue cause the power outage that spread to most of the city. From a concert in Madison Square Garden to a child’s first birthday party, some celebs had their plans changed and took to social media to vent all about it. 

During the blackout, the one and only JLo was headlining her “It’s My Party” concert in Madison Square Garden when all the lights suddenly went out. As a result, the pop superstar had to stop her concert and people safely evacuated the venue. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the incident, other than a frustrated singer and aggravated fans who wanted to see her concert from beginning to end. 

“They just told me to get off the stage. I was waiting there. Obviously, all the power went out in the city and obviously here at Madison Square Garden.” shared Lopez on a video she posted on Twiter. “I am obviously heartbroken and devastated … I love you. I’m so sorry this happened in the middle of our moment,”. She’s now set to resume her concert on Monday night for the fans who attended the Saturday date of her show. 

Meanwhile, the New York City blackout almost ruined another Latina superstar’s night, particularly for her daughter. Cardi B and Offset were celebrating their daughter, Kulture’s first birthday. It was a slightly intimate party when the lights went out. “The fact that I wanted my daughter party on 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my f–king luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!! BI**H THE DEVIL!” she stated in an Instagram video. 

Fortunately, however, that didn’t ruin the night both for the baby girl and her parents. “It was y’all that made it lit. Y’all made it lit because, the fact that when I got there, the lights went off at the party, it was like a whole hour with no lights, no music. But it was still lit!” the rapper shared. She kept thanking her guests, most of whom were friends and family, for not letting the power outage ruin the party. In the end, the lights went back up just in time for little Kulture to blow out her candles. Offset even posted pictures of their little one stuffing her mom and the other guests with the rainbow cake. 

The blackout also affected a number of Broadway shows playing at the time. But that didn’t stop the performers from continuing their shows on the street. The all-star casts of “Hamilton,” “Hadestown,” “Waitress,” all sang for their audiences outside their respective theaters. They passed the time performing while waiting for the power to go back up. Fans praised them on social media, crediting their perseverance and generosity to still perform for their audiences despite the difficulties. Consequently, various clips of these casts belting out their famous tunes made the rounds on social media, especially on Instagram. 

How do you think these stars handled the blackout? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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