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Looks like Tomorrowland is shaping up to be the party of the year. And with good reason, the festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary. So to make it a truly unforgettable event, they’ve added new and renovated old stages for this year’s event. It’s bound to be their biggest outing yet! 

The festival just announced that their new plans in terms of their 2019 stages. Firstly, as they’ve already revealed earlier, the mainstage is “The Book of Wisdom,” which they’ve already used from their 2012 event. They stated that, with this historic mark, they want their mainstage to reflect the ‘turning of the page’ of sorts and starting a new chapter for the iconic festival. However, they also shared that audiences shouldn’t necessarily expect the exact same stage from seven years ago. In fact, the unofficial name of this year’s stage is “The Book of Wisdom: The Return”. It will only draw inspiration from the 2012 stage, not set up to look like an exact replica. 

They also announced that, for the first time ever, they’re bringing two of their winter stages to their summer festival. L’Orangerie and Lotus are set to return this year. The former is a winter staple that’s an indoor event. Though it’s supposed to act as a warm shelter during the colder seasons, it’ll be interesting to see what Tomorrowland plans to use it for their summer event. The Lotus stage, on the other hand, is their winter festival’s main stage. So with two main stages at this year’s event, Tomorrowland really is gunning this as their biggest edition yet. Apart from combining their different seasonal stages together, they’re also renovating some of their more classic ones. This year, it’s their Tulip stage that’s undergoing major changes. Tomorrowland is transforming it into a brand new spectacle named “Kara Savi”. Though there’s no word as to what exactly will this new stage look like, they did reveal that it will slightly touch on 2018’s “Planaxis” stage. With this tidbit, it’s safe to assume that this new stage will exhibit an underwater-sort of a theme. And the “Planaxis” stage was also one of their largest stages to date, which means this new “Kara Savi” stage might just rival even the main “Book of Wisdom” stage. 

Three other stages are also getting all sorts of upgrades this year. The indoor rave that is the Cubanisto “House of Masks” will become “Casa Corona”. The festival has yet to reveal any details about what such changes will feature. Simultaneously, Q-Dance is getting their own solo stage, replacing the famous “Theatre Formidable”. Organizers noted that this stage will feature a gigantic sword that will stand up to 131 feet high. It’s highly likely it will bear similarities with the Netherlands’ Defqon 1 festival stage this past June. And finally, Eric Prydz will incorporate a massive new Holosphere structure inside the festival’s much-beloved Freedom stage. Tomorrowland will run on two weekends this July for their 15th-anniversary celebration. The first one is from July 19 to 21, 2019, and the second is from July 29 to 29, 2019. 

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