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Mad Decent Block Party Festival just canceled their much-anticipated ‘The Super Mega Ultra Giant Mad Decent Block Party’. The two-day indoor music festival had booked headliners such as Major Lazer, Billie Eilish, G-Eazy, and more. They planned to hold it in Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. 

In an official announcement via Twitter, the Mad Decent Block Party Festival explained why they had to cancel the event. They stated, “Unfortunately, putting this event on in the way that it was envisioned has become impossible, due to circumstances beyond our control. All parties involved have agreed that moving forward would be a disservice to fans and artists alike, and cancellation is in everyone’s best interest,”. The festival had planned the music festival to incorporate all sorts of carnival-like features, such as a go-kart, paintball, and the “world’s largest bounce house”. They’d be set up outside the stadium while the performances were taking place. 

Mad Decent, a company started by DJ Diplo, has seen its fair share of cancellations in the past. Back in 2017, they had to cancel three dates of their ‘Mad Decent Block Party’ events in India. In fact, they cited almost exactly the same reasons in this current situation. “Oji is committed to providing audiences with unmatched experiences, and after thorough consideration, we have realized we are not able to host the Mad Decent Block Party in the exact style with which we envisioned,” shared events company Oji in a released statement. The cities affected in this cancellation were Mumbai, New Delhi, and Hyderabad. Compared to other music festivals of its kind, Mad Decent is known for their ambitious undertakings in providing all sorts of entertainment for their attendees. Just for this recently-canceled event alone, they planned to feature a go-kart racing track. They also advertised a paintball war area and what they bragged as the ‘world’s largest bounce house’. The organizers, the venue and even the musical acts possibly agreed to cancel the whole thing because all sorts of hazardous areas dominating the event. It was a risky and dangerous idea from the start that would have led to various casualties. 

Now, people took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations over the slightly abrupt cancellation of the event. Some noted that despite the refund, they weren’t compensated for the hotel accommodations and travel fees. Others also compared this situation with that of the controversial Fyre Festival scandal that led to a Netflix documentary. “Fyre Festival part 3” tweeted Zeke (@OwZeke). “lmfao 10 days before?! I feel bad for everyone who has flights booked, paid time off from work scheduled, and non refundable hotels booked. smdh” shared Dannymarcos (@dmrios88). While Darlena (dashingdarlena4) also noted, “Super disappointing since this is the first time New England gets a good festival. Totally was looking forward to a festival close to home for once.” 

Fans can get a full refund of their tickets to The Super Mega Ultra Giant Mad Decent Block Party from Front Gate Tickets. Visit their website by clicking here. Image Credits:

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