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The bad luck streak never seems to end for Woodstock 50. The largely rural town of Vernon in New York just denied the festival’s appeal to relocate there. They claim that the incomplete and late submission were the reasons behind it. In response, the organizers of the anniversary event assured fans that they’ll appeal this denial, even though they only have five days to do so. Originally, the organizers wanted to hold the event at Watkins Glen International, but the latter rescinded the offer just last month, a mere two months away from the festival. They denied the event’s permit, leaving them venue-less for the time-being as they look for other alternatives. This actually followed Denstu’s, Woodstock 50’s financiers, own withdrawal from the event which happened a month earlier. And when the festival tried to sue the marketing company for suddenly backing out, they lost a string of court cases in the process. Furthermore, they even had to scale back their admissions from 65,000 to just 35,000 due to both venue restrictions and insufficient time to sell tickets. So now, both without an official venue and financial backing, it seems impossible that Woodstock 50 will still push through. 

Trouble riddled the appeal to hold the event at Vernon Downs in Upstate New York ever since it started. Oneida County Administrator Anthony Picente Jr. told Variety all about it. “It’s been chaotic. Originally it was going to be a three-day festival, but then (the producers) said instead it would be three one-day events, with all 65,000 or however many people vacating the grounds at the end of each day.” he shared. 

Picente also noted that the organizers should have handled such pre-event processes over a year ago. “We could have done this with a year or 16 months advance (planning), but to do it in three to six weeks is really a near impossibility from a public safety and health standpoint. As someone who was here for 1999, some names have changed but it’s largely the same situation,” he stated. 1999 saw Woodstock’s 30th-anniversary event held at Rome, New York. That event was particularly controversial as crowd violence and even fires marred the event. Despite all these controversies, none of the acts booked for the event have withdrawn from the event since they’re already paid in full. They’re the likes of Jay-Z, The Killers, Miley Cyrus, and more. However, their agents have started sharing concerns with all the troubles Woodstock 50 has been facing recently. This is more so since tickets have yet to go on sale. 

But the event’s organizers aren’t backing down. They will continue to appeal to hold the event at Vernon Downs in Upstate New York. If not, they’re likely to look for a new location before the festival. For now, the final dates for Woodstock 50 remains the same. The event will run from August 16 to 18, 2019. Image Credits:

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