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Chance The Rapper just won the award for sweetest music teaser released thus far this 2019. Last Friday, July 5, 2019, the rapper posted a video on Instagram celebrating the anniversary of when he proposed to his now-wife, Kirsten Corley. “Happy Engagement Anniversary babe. It’s almost that time 😊😚😘” he captioned the post. A supposed track from his upcoming album was playing in the background.

The track on the video featured Chance actually singing against a rather somber-toned melody. It was fitting for the overall theme of the post and even slightly harkens back to his 2017 single, “Same Drugs” from his last-released mixtape, “Coloring Book”. But while that song had an ironic twist to the lyrical content, this seemed more intimate, personal, and sincere. “Oh my God, think it’s the greatest day of my life. So glad you arrived. But the only way to survive is to go crazy,” said part of the lyrics. It was obviously a heartfelt tribute from Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, aka Chance The Rapper, to his wife. Prior to this teaser, the rapper dropped “Groceries,” his latest single featuring TisaKorean & Murda Beatz. This song also consists of the same type of slightly transcendent background melodies in the rapper’s Instagram teaser track but the vocals and rhymes are much harder. A straightforward beat also accompanies this track, better upholding hip hop qualities than the more recent tidbit.

“Groceries” also marks the first time Chance has worked with both TisaKorean and Murda Beatz. Furthermore, even though Bennett is not known to go the traditional route when releasing and promoting his music, this seems an awful lot like it might be the lead single off his highly-anticipated debut album. 

The rapper has been quite busy doing all sorts of promoting on social media, most likely in anticipation of his album release. Simultaneously with the recent single drop, he also posted all of his previous mixtapes on his social media channels and various streaming platforms. Fans can now stream “10 Day” and “Acid Rap,” his mixtapes from 2012 and 2013 respectively, on Spotify, Apple Music, and even his YouTube channel. He paired such releases with vinyl versions and exclusive merchandises now available on his official website. Even his upcoming album is now available for pre-order, notwithstanding a still-unannounced release date. Though all signs are pointing to a July 2019 drop. 

In previous years, these types of releases would have been unheard of from Chance. He’s an artist known for championing unorthodox and independent release methods. He dropped his first two mixtapes on DatPliff, a popular distribution platform for mixtapes and similar materials. He’s also a big fan of Soundcloud, another popular site for independent artists. This was where the rapper uploaded “Coloring Book” last 2016. There was even speculation back in 2017 that Bennett may have bought substantial stock from the company when it almost closed down that year. To this day, Chance still uses both platforms to distribute his music as an independent artist. Only with the recent vinyl releases that he’s venturing into physical sales.  As of this writing, there’s still no word as to the official title and release date of Chance The Rapper’s upcoming debut album. However, you can pre-order it and order the vinyl versions of is previous mixtapes by clicking here

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