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Time to take off those wooden clogs and head on over to the dancefloor. Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is fast approaching and they just locked in a dope lineup for their 2019 series of Intercell Parties. Rebekah, Paula Temple, DJ Stingray, and SOPHIE are just some of the big EDM names who’ll party with the Dutch this coming October. Although the festival announced their initial lineup late last month, the Amsterdam-based techno promoter just confirmed all their major stars for their four-day lineups. They included a few details about their schedule too. They relayed that Rebekah will host the first night of the festival. Here, the likes of DJ Stingray, Dark Chambers, and Parrish Smith will join her. The following evening, record label Perc Trax will sponsor the event, bringing along their array of artists from Ansome and Ben Buitendijk to Manni Dee and Scalameriya. In this night, DJ Ansome is set to play live for the ADE audience, so it’s bound to be an excellent party then. 

Moving on to their third day, which will see British phenomenon Paula Temple taking on the reigns for the night. Here, she’s turning the party into a semi-exclusive Noise Manifesto event, with players from her label such as HEMKA, Ghost In The Machine and Shlømo mixing all night long. And finally, for the fourth day of Intercell’s parties at ADE 2019, Perc Trax‘s own I Hate Models is headlining joined by Ki / Ki, Body Sushi, Sunil Sharpe, and more. With such amazing EDM star power, Intercell is clearly not holding back with their parties this year. They’re gunning to be the hottest ticket in all of the ADE festival this year. Even their hosts themselves are some of the hottest in the biz right now. Rebekah, the first night’s host for instance, just released her latest EP, “Murder in Birmingham”. As with the name, the record contains three new tracks that are all aggressive, hard, and rave-ready. With their solid beats and strong drumming melodies, the EP is a tantalizingly violent homage to the DJ’s own hometown. Furthermore, it’s highly likely these songs will make their way into her hosting gig set at ADE. They’re the perfect dance music for everyone to go all out on the dancefloor. 

Noise Manifesto label head Paula Temple also has reason to party at ADE. Just last May, she released her debut album, Edge Of Everything, which was met with positive reviews from various publications. Recent Advisor even rated it a 4.1 out of 5. They stated, “Edge Of Everything doesn’t show much evolution from the producer, nor does it offer techno audiences new takes on the form. But you’ve got to admire Temple for that. She’s an artist with a strong world view who sticks to her guns, no matter where current styles are going,”. Similarly to Rebekah, expect that Temple might play some tracks from this record in her Intercell party set. Amsterdam Dance Even will take place in the Dutch capital from October 16 to 20, 2019. The Intercell parties, on the other hand, will take place at H7 Warehouse from October 17 to 20, 2019.

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