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What’s better than a music festival in an iconic castle? Having a stellar lineup to go with it! FLY Open Air music festival just locked in a few EDM heavyweights for their 2019 festival. They booked the likes of Jayda G., HAAi, Denis Sulta, and many more. And they’re all performing at one of Scotland’s most treasured heritage sites: the Edinburgh Castle. The festival just recently locked the historical site as their official venue for the fourth year in a row. Last month, Edinburgh’s city council almost drove them to look for a new location due to their new stringent conditions. Those conditions attempted to cut down the festival’s yearly 3000-capacity to about a third of it. FLY Open Air’s Tom Ketley stated that the conditions were preposterous and would have put their attendees in danger. “They’re basically suggesting we’d have to move all of our toilets, medical, food traders and bars actually on to the dance floor space, which is an illogical, backward step.” he shared to Edinburgh Live.

Additionally, during a public motion regarding these conditions, the City Council stressed the noise complaints they’ve received due to the festival. “In some respects, are you not privatizing a public space? There have been complaints in the past about noise and other aspects from local residents,” argued Councilor Chas Booth. To that, Mr. Ketley assured that this year’s edition will use a “state-of-the-art sound system” that will minimize the noise pollution. In addition to Ketley’s arguments, the festival also opened an online petition to save their chances of playing in Princes Street Gardens, the castle’s official garden grounds. Over 6,500 people signed it, convincing the city council to back off their opposition and allow FLY Open Air to continue using the site as their official venue. In response, Edinburgh City Councilor Gavin Barrie noted, “This is a very significant and demonstrative way of showing council support for our young people.”

Apart from that debacle, this year marks another achievement for the Scotland-based EDM festival. For the first time ever, they’re letting two DJs play back-to-back sets for over 10 hours straight. British-born EDM artists Denis Sulta and Mella Dee are set to take on this new endeavor during the first day of FLY Open Air.“Something we have always dreamed of doing since we started FLY Open Air was to have two DJs playing back to back all day for the full 10 hours of the festival,” the festival shared via a Facebook post. “Club culture is how we started and it’s what we stand for. It’s what we always want to champion and longer sets where a DJ can take us on a musical journey is what club culture is about. “

Apart from this duo, they also got Canadian-born DJ Jayda G as their main headliner for their second day. Now based in Berlin, this up-and-comer is making a name for herself in the House music business. In the past two years, she already released two albums that have since gained traction in the EDM game. There’s “Jaydaisms,” her first EP from 2018, and “Significant Changes,” which she just dropped just last March. The pinnacle of her fame thus far is when the legendary DJ Miss Honey Dijon remixed one of her tracks. Dijon released her own version of Jayda G’s “Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)”.Other DJs slated to play at FLY Open Air are HAAi, DJ Boring, Eclair FiFi, Jasper James, La La, and Liam Doc. It will run from September 21 to 22, 2019. Image Credits: 

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