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Happy Independence Day, USA! Are you ready to party tonight? It is, after all, 4th of July, the holiday that’s all about national pride. So what does one wear to such a night? If you’re going out later, your outfit should reflect the US of A! Though admittedly, it is difficult to showcase patriotic style without looking like Uncle Sam or Captain America, here are some tips you might like to consider! 

Dare To Go in Denim

Is there anything more American than denim? Probably not! There’s just something about that industrial material that screams “USA!”. Even when designers from other countries use it for their own fashions, more often than not, their clothes end up looking very American. And fortunately, denim is no longer just a daytime fabric. That stark blue hue now works just as well at night too. It’s all about how you wear it. You can go full-on denim for that edgy look, even when it might feel a bit heavy at times. Or you can sport a daywear-meets-eveningwear ensemble by dressing it up with a nice tailored jacket or sparkling accessories! 

Make it Military Style

Arguably, there’s no other country in the free world that loves their military quite like this country. And you have to admit, service men and women got some pretty sick garb on them too! It’s no wonder military-style fashions have become fashion staples in recent decades. Though that olive green tone might seem somber, especially for a party, there’s no denying almost everyone looks good in it. The tailored look is always a classic and adds a bit of refinement in more ways than one. But for an easier outfit, going for neutral tones is more than enough to evoke that tough American spirit! 

No Stars, Just Stripes

It’s weird that not a lot of people know that wearing the US flag is illegal. Please don’t make this fashion faux-pas the reason you might get arrested when you go clubbing tonight! Instead, just go for the stripes. Any stripes will do, not just red, blue, or red and blue! In fact, the less your stripes look like the flag, the better. If you want to go bold and beyond, go for those shiny striped pieces. Now those will really make an impression on any 4th of July party! You can also wear the classic black-and-white pattern, but just make sure you don’t look too French about it! 

Sparkle Out

Who says the fireworks have to stay outside? It’s the 4th of July, for goodness’ sake! Take the fireworks inside with a full-blown sparkling outfit. Be it a crystallized mini-dress or a sequinned suit, don’t hold back on one of the most celebrated nights of the year. Oftentimes your accessories are the ones packing in the bling, but not tonight. As an American, you deserve to sparkle out in your best show-stopping garb! And just imagine how many eyes will be glued on to you when you enter the club. If you go for this look, expect to be the star of the night this 4th of July! 

Tonight, nothing says ‘Proud American’ like a great party outfit! Celebrate the country’s independence by drinking, dancing, and having fun all night long! Your right to party in any way you choose is one of the things the Founding Fathers fought for! So do them a service and go out in style! 

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