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Year after year, the Sónar Festival in Barcelona just keeps getting better and better. They truly live up to their title as one of the most advanced music and electronic events of the year. And their 2019 event is no exception. Now, they’re incorporating a special new feature that might just trump other festivals of its kind: a 3D audiovisual dome. How’s that for advanced?

The Festival’s ‘Sónar +D‘ chapter thought up the plans. The dome, named ‘Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO,’ measures up to a whopping 19-meter diameter. It will host all sorts of audiovisual presentations by a flurry of innovative artists. And as the name suggests, the audience is treated to an extremely immersive experience with 360º works of art. From gobsmacking visuals to striking EDM sets, the dome aims to highlight new ideas by converging both classic and innovative principles inside an incredibly fascinating installation.One of such works is “End(O),” a collaboration between musician Alex Augier and artist Alba G. Corral. Here, the two combined their indelible signatures in music and visual arts and came up with a hypermedia piece that’s both poetic and organic. Conversely, Rhizomatiks Studio’s “factors” presentation is a lot more calculated. Two of their artists, Daito Manabe and Satoshi Horii, made use of mathematical algorithms to conjure up their abstract visuals and rhythmic beats.

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst’s “Chain Opera,” on the other hand, is one of the more traditional and humane presentations within this year’s roster. It’s not like a typical opera, per se, but the visuals depict humans instead of different graphics and intergalactic imageries. Here, both artists aim to combine natural reality and artificial intelligence. It’s a not a Black Mirror-type of presentation, but rather a showing of what’s both humanly and technologically possible.

Meanwhile, if you ever wanted to see what the inside of an aquarium looks like, “Créatures” will give you that opportunity. For this presentation, Vincent Houzé and Dave & Gabe partnered up to combine the latter’s electronic melodies with the former’s visuals of natural life. From plants to land and sea creatures, this convergence opens the visitors up to all the intricate and underappreciated beauties of the planet.

In contrast, for a more other-worldly experience, there’s “Nebulae“. It’s the cosmic presentation crafted by Studio Joanie Lemercier. Backed by Joshua Sabin’s transcendent tunes, the audience is transported to outer space and all its inexplicable wonders. They’re able to experience what it’s like to explore the universe beyond Earth and see just how vast it is in comparison. Similarly, Mickael Le Goff and Robot Koch’s “Sphere” performance perpetuates a darker version of this ‘outer-space’ idea. Their work combines Koch’s aggressive synth-driven music with the almost-sinister, alien-like visuals of Le Goff.

And finally. there’s “Perception” by Miguel Arrieta and María S. Leiva. Here, the two artists challenge people’s perception of reality through stimulating visuals and striking sounds. Their aim is to blur the lines between reality and fiction and immerse the audience into a new world where everything is not as it seems.

Beyond these, however, Sónar Festival still has its traditional music festival as well. This year, the locked-in A$AP Rocky, Bad Gyal, Bad Bunny, and more for their musical line-up. They also didn’t spare with DJ power this 2019, inviting the likes of Amelie Lens, Peggy Gou, Disclosure, and Underworld as some of their main headliners. Furthermore, Arca, Four Tet, and Floating Points are set to debut in the festival as well.

Sónar Festival will run from July 18 to 20, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. Check out the full lineup and schedule by clicking here.

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