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“Every Woman Is A Riot,” said one of the first title clips on “Mother’s Daughter,” the newest release from Miley Cyrus. The pop star just dropped her latest video and it’s extremely feminist, to say the least. It shared the same sort of provocation and eroticism in her latest EP, “She Is Coming,” which she released last May 31, 2019.

Watch Miley Cyrus’s “Mother’s Daughter” music video below:

The video doesn’t spare the viewers anything. Right from the start, a montage of extremely sexual and highly aggressive imagery dominate the screen. It features a blood red latex-clad Cyrus dancing around and doing all sorts of suggestive movements. Her appearance here is almost reminiscent of Britney Spears’s own look during her video “Oops I Did It Again”. It then presents an array of women who challenge both beauty and gender norms while the singer blurts out “She’s got the power!” lyrics. A Rubenesque plus-sized woman, a mother breastfeeding her infant, and a transgendered man with visible scars from his operation.

Various sayings also flash on the screen as the video goes on. “Virginity is a Social Construct,” Tough Titties,” and “Not an Object” are just some of them with striking messages. The lyrics, however, are far more powerful and poignant. She seemingly aimed the chorus line, “Don’t f*** with my freedom,”  at lawmakers who are recently finding multiple ways to ban abortion rights in some US states. This was perhaps most manifested by a topless woman, who’s undergone a mastectomy, with the words “I Am Free” spraypainted on her torso. In the video, she’s seen being hauled over by unseen figures, as if she was being taken into prison.Of course, with the title of the song, there’s one particular person in Cyrus’s life that had to make a cameo as well. Tish Cyrus, the singer’s real mother, appears in the video alongside her daughter. Both wearing Chanel suits, Cyrus sings about how her mom believed in her to ‘make it’ in the music business. She later notes that because of her support, the pop star accomplished success in the industry. The video marks the first time Cyrus is showing off her mother in one of her videos. While her relationship with her father, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, is quite public, her closeness with her mom is less so.

Since shedding her “Hannah Montana” persona, Cyrus has been continuously redefining her look and identity in the music world. Her 2010 album, “Can’t Be Tamed,” started this very public change. It was the first sneak peek the world got of her new more mature image. Then, of course, there was the extremely controversial “Bangerz” in 2013, which saw the former Disney Channel star explicitly baring her body. Here, she released songs like “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” which showed the industry her true persona as a provocative and sexually-confident superstar. Though she’s release other albums and singles since, her latest EP harkens back to those headline-making “Bangerz” days.As of now, she’s busy completing “She Is Miley Cyrus,” her seventh studio album. She will drop it anytime in 2019. In the meantime, you can buy her latest EP, “She Is Coming,” online and in stores. It’s also available for streaming in various apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

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