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Even in 2019, Madonna still has a lot to say. And in true ‘Queen of Pop’ fashion, she conveys them through her boundary-pushing music videos. This time, it’s “God Control,” a rather vivid and graphic presentation that protests against gun violence. It got its main inspiration from the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando back in 2016. 

Watch Madonna’s “God Control” music video below:

The video starts with a fitting warning: “The story you are about to see is very disturbing. It shows graphic scenes of gun violence. But it’s happening every day and it has to stop.” In it, the pop star portrays two personas. One is a party woman, having fun in the nightclub where the ‘shooting’ happens, and the other is a reporter writing about the terrible tragedy. 

It also follows a reverse format, showing what comes before such a crime and the lives of the victims just a few moments prior. Opening scenes of gun-fire and pandemonium kick the video off, providing the much-warned shock value in the first minutes. They’re followed by disturbing visuals of Madonna and other club-goers, drenched in blood and lying lifeless in the colorful disco-esque nightclub.

Smash cut to another haunting scene: a funeral. A choir of children sings over a series of flower-ladened coffins as Catholic imagery, a staple in the Madonna’s most show-stopping videos, flash on the screen. Her other persona, the reporter, emphasizes the “wake up!” lyrical phrase. She writes it profusely on her old-school typewriter over and over again. Scenes then show her party woman persona dancing with her friends and having a good time. Here, she’s conveying the carefree and life-loving attitude that are usually destroyed by such tragedies. Everyone seemed to have a good time, not knowing the danger they were in for just a few hours later.

Perhaps the second most striking part of the video was the clips that showed people protesting gun violence. They’re real-life events that transpired in recent years and are signs that more than enough people know of the dangers of gun violence. Still, Madonna’s lyrics imply that even with such activism, people haven’t taken enough actions to stop it altogether. This even brings ‘reporter Madonna’ to tears. And to end her video, she shared jarring statistics regarding those killed and wounded by gun violence every day. All this, while the echoes of her “wake up” lyrics help fade the video into a stunning end. Prior to its release, the pop star already shared about the gravity of her message in both the song and the video in a teaser. “If you’re sitting alone in your apartment all day and you’re writing about the downfall of humanity, it tends to get you down. After a while, you need to have fun. So, where does a girl go? She goes to a disco! I tried to bring the world of disco and freedom and having that joy silenced by a small thing made of metal that can end someone’s life.” she stated.

What do you think of Madonna’s music video? Did it go too far or is it just what the country needs to see right now? Her latest single, “God Control,” is part of her new album, “Madam X,” which was just released last June 14, 2019. You can stream it now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other similar platforms.

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