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Summer just started yet it’s already sizzling. Major Lazer just turned the heat up even higher with a new music video featuring Brazilian superstar, Anitta. The group and the pop star just dropped their video for their second collaborative single, “Make It Hot” Once you watch it, you’ll know just how appropriate that title is!

Check out the music video for “Make It Hot” below:

The video began with an intro with of the trio playing music using Bacardi bottles. As the song starts, the video transitions into various dance party scenes. There were three in particular: an outdoor concert with Anitta headlining, a classic Latin American-style street dance fiesta, and a hot and heavy house rave. Various clips of either Anitta or female back-up dancers shaking their behinds off make up most of the video. Meanwhile, members of Major Lazer make random cameos as the people around them move to their track. Throughout the entire thing, Bacardi drinks appear either as cocktails, shots or in their iconic bottles themselves.

Both the single and the video are marketing tools brought about by the Cuban-born rum. The company teamed up with both artists as part of their new “Pass the Beat” campaign. With it, they plan to collaborate with various artists to make their product more known within the mainstream. And while sponsored singles aren’t uncommon, this is one of the relatively rare instances where the actually publicized the deal. They announced the collaboration a few weeks prior to both the single and video releases. Diplo, the founder of Major Lazer, even talked about the upcoming track previously.

“Bacardí is a brand that has found a way to genuinely integrate itself into music culture,” stated the DJ in an official press release. “So, when we were discussing how to launch this song in a big way, we knew exactly who to turn to.” This isn’t the first time both the EDM trio and the company had partnered together for music-type collaborations. They’ve also partnered up to make their “Front of The Line” music video, which was released back in July 2017. Here, Bacardi provided new filters in what was the first-ever Snapchat-lens-made music video from the group. Watch it below:

This time around, however, their collaboration had a more authentic and intrinsic feel. Both the track and the video stayed true to the group’s Caribbean and tropical feels. Anitta’s vocal contributions also further amplified that upbeat vibe and slightly exotic touch. Jovan Todorović, the music video’s director, explained that he approached it in a new way that touched on Bacardi’s famous “Do What Moves You” motto.

“In the spirit of ‘passing the beat,’ we employed precise, fast-camera movements to pass and pan between the different dancers, parties, and artists, which you don’t see much in videos these days. Throughout the process, Major Lazer, Anitta and their dancers all had to learn this new camera language and how to play into it—it all worked out beautifully and we’re excited with the final product,” he shared.

What do you think of Major Lazer and Anitta’s new music video? Does it get you in the mood to party with Bacardi?

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