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When they say that Glastonbury 2019 is the hottest event in town, they’re not kidding! This year, the annual festival expects a high rise in temperatures during the five-day event. It already kicked off with slightly higher-than-predicted degrees and organizers are expecting it to rise higher from there.

Prior to their opening last Wednesday, various news outlets predicted that the festival will see sunny weather all throughout. But they also relayed that this year might just see the hottest for the yearly event in recent history. They predicted that the first day, June 26, 2019, will be at 25°C throughout the day. However, the actual temperature was at 26°C, a level higher than expected. Subsequently, the Met office also shared that, as the festival goes on, the heat may rise to beyond 28°C, especially during the weekend. It can very well pass their record of 31°C during the 2017 festival. 

Met meteorologist Aidan McGivern explained the reason for this weather phenomena. He claims that during this time, hot and humid air usually descend upon the UK. Though the country is notorious for its cold and clammy weather patterns, during the summer, its rise in temperature can often rival those in tropical climates. And since most of the areas that surround the country are warm, namely the Mediterranean and to a certain extent, Latin America, the humidity from these areas move to Great Britain. Multiple forecasts show that Saturday might see the highest rise in temperature during the festival.

Several people, however, still feel that it might still rain during Glastonbury. “You might still need your wellies because of the rain that’s fallen earlier in the week but mostly it’s looking dry and sunny—especially on Friday,” Met Office forecaster Craig Snell shared. Some locals even pointed out that, prior to the festival, it had already rained a lot in the area. “I work locally and last week it didn’t stop raining. I feared the worst when I checked the forecast but it’s lovely now,” shared Glastonbury resident John Edmonton. 

Whichever the weather goes, Glastonbury stays determined to push through even with a hot and heavy festival. They’re also aiming to start cleaner operations starting this year. The organizers have banned single-use plastic items within the vicinity of the festival as a result of the 2017 festival. Worthy Farm estimated that people used 1.3 million plastic bottles during that year’s event. It takes about six weeks and £785,000 to clean up the area. Because of such a mess, they decided not to hold a festival last year just to let Worthy Farm fully recuperate.

This new plastic-free system that they just implemented is an endeavor to cut such costs down substantially. Emily Eavis, the festival’s co-organizer, explained the need for their new policy. “A vast amount of plastic bottles were gotten through and when you see images of the arena completely covered in old plastic bottles, it’s quite haunting. We are tackling drinking bottles at the moment, water bottles … and we are encouraging people to bring their own reusable bottle but there will also be reusable bottles available on site,” she stated. 

Despite the extreme weather warnings. Glastonbury 2019 is still a go! A star-studded lineup will entertain the crowd this year, including the likes of Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, The Killers, and more! 

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