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Men love fashion too! In fact, there are some men out there who know how to dress chicer and better than most women. Just take a look at the street style photos from the recently concluded Men’s Fashion Weeks. In the streets of Paris, Milan, London, and New York, these gents know how to serve up some serious garb game. And from them, we rounded up the coolest trends for men this season! See our galleries below. 

Big & Short

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You might have heard about ‘big and long,’ but these days, it’s all about ‘big & short’! Who knew pairing an oversized jacket with leg-baring shorts made for such an interesting look? With its dominant shape yet relaxed attitude, it’s a unique look that’s almost tough to break down. Yet, at the same time, there’s something enticing about its break from formal dress codes. Is it a party look? Or is it a look for leisure? In fact, why not both? You have the jacket, you have the shorts, all you need is the confidence to pull it off!

Graphic Button-downs

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The white shirt may be a classic, but sometimes, it can also get boring. Maybe that’s why style mavericks have opted for more graphic button-downs during Fashion Week? They do make for more eye-catching garb, be they in romantic florals, artsy prints, or even old-school checkered patterns. While the white shirt connotes a strict sense of sophistication, these more colorful iterations convey a more jovial mood. They also put out a hell of an attitude to match! Imagine wearing these types of shirts at a club! You’ll be an instant hit with the ladies (or men, whichever you prefer!).

All-Out in Color

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Men’s Fashion Week was held during Pride Month, so it makes sense to have a bit of color on the streets. But who would have expected such style icons would take it to another level. See A$AP Rocky in a tie-dye sweater. Or Miguel in a stark blood red jacket. This month is all about feeling fearless, and these men certainly were with their sartorial choices. Others also followed suit in neon outfits, color-blocked ensembles, and the like. The streets also saw a lot of swirly patterns courtesy of Dries Van Noten’s highly successful Spring 2019 menswear line. 

The Relaxed Suit

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While the classic suit is having a big moment on the runways, on the streets, it’s a different story. This generation is redefining suit. Though they still like to look tailored, they don’t want to feel uptight about it. So what’s the new look of the season? A relaxed suit. Think a nice two-piece set with an easy t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to match! Everything doesn’t have to be so rigid anymore. As they say, the rules are meant to be broken. And in fashion, they take that a lot more seriously! 


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It’s no secret that the 90s are back. But among the trends that defined that fashionable decade, grunge is getting the most limelight. From the deconstructed pieces to the more industrial-looking garb, that old-school “I don’t care” look is getting a resurgence this season.  What was once one of fashion’s most polarizing fads is now one of the hottest looks of the moment. This time, however, men have a more refined approach to it. They look more ‘normcore’ than homeless, complete with logo-ed style staples and neutral or darker tones.

Are you ready to sport these trends? Though these street style shots were taken during the day, they’d look great in the nightlife scene as well! After all, if you have the confidence and the attitude, you’ll definitely pull them off!

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