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Heads up, Skrillex fans! Looks like your favorite DJ is cooking up something new! Sonny John Moore, more commonly known by his stage name, Skrillex, just teased new music on his social media. The LA native shared on his Twitter account that he’s testing out new equipment and he may work on new tracks on them soon!

“this week I’m taking a couple of my new DJ tools and finishing / mixing them into real songs .. gunna pump em out quick!” he shared on the social media platform. Though it’s unclear what exactly he’s planning to release, that post has since incited much excitement among his fans and in the EDM community. In fact, Skrillex has been teasing his new music since last April. Back then, he sent out two tweets with a similarly foreshadowing tone. “Been taking a long time off working on my friends’ albums but more importantly myself. Been lots of rumors of an “album”. I don’t know what it is or what to call it but I’m about to start putting in this new work, going full speed ahead, no turning back!” he shared.

Throughout his almost decade-long career as a DJ, Skrillex has only released one full album. He dropped “Recess” back in 2014, and since then he has released no full records of the same capacity. However, he has released multiple singles with a flurry of collaborators, but he considers none of them as his own original music.

The most noteworthy of his recent releases was his reunion record with Boys Noize for Dog Blood. They dropped their second ever EP, “Turn Off the Lights,” just last month. Dog Blood is a side project of both artists; a collaboration they began in 2012. They released their first album together, “Middle Finger Pt. 2” back in 2013, and it took six whole years for them to make another. Though they didn’t drop any new tracks in between, the group remained semi-active through the years. Their last performance was at a Miami Warehouse Party during the city’s “Music Week” last March. It was part of a series of events that led up to Ultra Miami, one of the country’s biggest festivals of the year.

Apart from that, Skrillex has also been releasing multiple remixes in the past few years. Just recently, he dropped a remix of Kelsey Lu’s “Due West” last May. The DJ transformed the pop song into a more dancehall track full of effervescent synths and a touch of dubstep. It was far from the original slow-paced and almost transcendent single from the Charlotte-born singer. In contrast, Skrillex’s remix captured a more aggressive feel that still fit with Lu’s deep, velvety voice. Listen to the remix below:

Are you excited for Skrillex’s official comeback? What do you think he’s cooking up? A full-blown album or just an EP? Whichever it is, the EDM crowd is already expecting what might be one of the biggest releases of 2019.

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