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2019 really isn’t Ultra’s year. First, there’s the debacle with Ultra Miami and their ever-changing venues for their upcoming 2020 edition. And now, Ultra Europe is facing a similar dilemma. The European sister of the Miami-born music festival might need to change locations. Where to remains to be seen. Unfortunately, this comes just weeks before their 2019 festival takes place.

Initially, Ultra Europe planned on staging this year’s event at the Poljud Stadium in Croatia. The Split-based venue has served as the event’s home since it debuted back in 2013. It was also reserved to be the festival’s official location up until 2022. However, just recently, Europa League football team Gzira United F.C. announced a rematch game between them and HNK Hajduk Split to take place on July 18, 2019. Their venue of choice? The Poljud Stadium. The team confirmed the rematch via their official Facebook page, even mentioning the stadium itself. Subsequently, it has since sparked rumors regarding the fate of Ultra Europe. Though the festival is set to take place a week before, the limited number of days in between is not enough for a smooth transition.

Prior to the rematch announcement, however, rumors were already circulating about the festival’s possible venue change this year. According to a variety of news outlets, the Poljud Stadium had grown weary of hosting the crowded music festival year after year. They relayed that the event usually messed up the stadium’s grass and never paid renovation fees nor gave them ample time to fix it for succeeding events. Furthermore, Ultra Europe’s organizers also failed to reach an agreement with the stadium regarding these concerns. As a result, the stadium possibly pushed the festival out of their annual roster of events and replaced them with a football rematch instead.

By the looks of it, Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe’s fates are up in the air. As of this writing, Ultra Miami has yet to finalize a venue for their upcoming 2020 edition as well. The held their 2019 festival, which happened last March, at Virginia Key for the very first time. Miami City commissioners barred Ultra from staging it at Bayfront Park this year due to noise complaints and disorganized waste management. And now, the festival is scrambling to find a replacement as their permanent residence from 2020 onwards. Though new developments in this story now show that the city of Miami is showing interest in bringing Ultra Miami back to Bayfront Park.

Additionally, Ultra Korea also faced some problems of their own this year. The famous EDM trio, Swedish House Mafia, canceled their participation on the day of the festival itself. They never revealed a specific reason, but just posted on their Facebook page that they couldn’t go on due to “unforeseen circumstances”. And in fact, just a few days prior to that, member Steve Angello was also unable to join the rest of the group during their XS Las Vegas performance. They later cited passport problems as the reason for his absence.

Despite this possible venue change, Ultra Europe will still run from July 12 to 14, 2019. They’ve released no new changed in the dates for now. 

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