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Just when you thought everyone was already in it to win, in comes bad bi*** Barbz to steal everyone’s thunder! As expected, Nicki Minaj returns to the music/hip hop scene with “Megatron,” her latest single. She just dropped her latest music video at midnight on the East Coast.

Watch the music video for “Megatron” below:

The video features Minaj spitting her rhymes in a neon-lighted club. As the space fills up with party-goers, some scenes cut to her and an unknown guy (possibly her new beau Kenneth Petty). They’re seen lovin’ it up in a sauna, a jacuzzi, and ultimately, in the bedroom. Mid-video, the “Super Bass” rapper emerges from a neon green sports car accompanied by four back-up dancers in a tropical rainforest. Here, she continues to rap out her track as her companions dance their behinds off. But by the end of the video,  in true “Megatron” fashion, she burns said car and meets up with her man in a luxury hotel room.

Though a bit sudden, this music video drop isn’t a total surprise. Earlier this week, she ended her months-long Twitter break with a simple “Megatron” tweet followed by some changes in her social media handles. Just last night, she also tweeted out a video of her and her boyfriend in bed promoting the now-released music video. “When morning wood leads to #Megatron promo. 😩😂 who’s ready for MIDNIGHT?!!!! 😜🦄 ” said the tweet. For now, there’s still no confirmation as to an upcoming album or EP release. By the looks of it, “Megatron” might just be a stand-alone single.

But don’t you fret, Nicki Minaj fans! You can still download the rapper’s latest installment of her “Queen Radio” by clicking here.

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