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Party lovers, we have some sad news for you. World-famous Italian techno club “Cocoricò” has officially closed their doors for good after thirty years of partying.

First opened in 1989, the nightclub which is best known for its iconic pyramid roof is based in Rimini, Italy. It was later temporarily closed down back in 2015 for the unfortunate death of a raver.

Sadly, the iconic techno club was declared bankrupt on June 4th, owing inland revenue more than €800,000 in unpaid taxes. The hearing for its bankruptcy will be held on the 25th of October.

Techno Club Cocoricò

Techno Club Cocoricò

It is said that the nightclub’s revenue loss and accumulated debt started during its temporary closure in 2015. The four months it was shut down was during peak season so it’s pretty understandable how they went through complications in revenue during the unfortunate circumstance.

We hope to hear great news on the world-famous Cocoricò after its hearing this October. If there’s a will, there’s a way!


1 Cocoricò – Rolling Stone Italia

2 Cocoricò Exterior – House of Frankie