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Find yourself a partner who’ll love you the way Fatboy Slim loves smileys. The legendary DJ plans to open up a new exhibition devoted to the iconic symbol. Through the years, and with his help, the smiley has become an integral symbol of rave culture.Entitled “Smile High Club,” the exhibition will include an array of everyday items all decorated with the smiley. “In it is everything from a motorcycle helmet to condoms, to a toaster, portable ashtrays, slippers, cuff links, lighters – basically anything you can stick a smiley on.” relayed the DJ. Above all, the gallery will honor Harvey Ball, the artist behind the smiley. Ball created the smiling symbol over 55 years ago for State Mutual Life Assurance Company. They commissioned him to make badges to improve staff morale within the company

“What I love is the classic Worcester smiley, which has certain dimensions, slightly off-center,” stated Cook. He also touched on its evolution, sharing “Over the years it has elevated from 200 badges made for an insurance company to this worldwide icon and this symbol of, what is for me, happiness, goofiness, stupidity and unconditional life.”Additionally, he also noted that while he’s displaying his personal collection too, they aren’t for sale. “The only thing that isn’t for sale in the exhibition is my smiley collection.” Apart from his love for the symbol, he’s also been vocal that he doesn’t regard the smiley as an emoji. “I don’t recognize emojis as smileys, they’re something completely different.” he ultimately declared.“Smile High Club” will launch this June 21, 2019, at Lisbon’s Underdogs Gallery. It will run until July 21, 2019.

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