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Is the world ready for the girl power phenomenon again? At the end of their reunion 2019 tour, the Spice Girls hinted that they might go to Australia next. This comes after a highly successful run within the British Isles. It ended last June 15, 2019, with the group selling out the famous Wembley Stadium for their last three days.

“We’ll see you in February in Australia,” shouted Mel B at the end of their final show. The remark caused an uproar among fans to the possibility of their Spice World 2019 reunion tour going worldwide. Even Ticketek, an Australian ticketing company, opened a waiting list online for those interested in pre-ordering tickets. The company later shared that interest is already high despite non-confirmation of the group’s Australian stop.

Subsequently, Melanie Brown retracted her remarks a few days later. She stated, “I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100 percent.” She explained that she made that “announcement” to make an actual Down Under leg of their reunion tour more possible. “I figured if I put it out there then maybe it’s going to happen.” Brown also mentioned that while the other members haven’t agreed to an extended Australian leg yet, they are interested. “They’re not on board fully yet. They’re penciled in, but I will make sure it actually does happen,” promised ‘Scary Spice.’

According to CNN, if they do head to Austalia this February, it will be the first time the group has ever performed there. And while their first run had a rocky start, it went on to become a major success. Will the Spice Girls perform live in Austalia soon? And what other countries do you want girl power to spread to next?

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