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Ferry Corsten’s ‘UNITY’ project just released their latest single for 2019. The Dutch DJ collaborated with legendary producer BT to create “1997.” Though Corsten has remixed some of the latter’s works, this marks the first time both DJs worked together. This is also UNITY’s first release for 2019.

Listen to “1997” below:

Strings and heightening melodies dominate the track. It starts with an uplifting harmony backed by techno beats. As it progresses, the beats grow stronger and more aggressive and the strings become the background melodies. The name ‘1997’ might allude to the rave culture that dominated the youth’s scene at the time. Both DJs made a lighter and slightly a more heavenly interpretation of what they used to play at the time.

Corten started the UNITY project last year as a charitable operation. All proceeds from the singles of the project will go to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. The foundation, founded by MTV executive John Sykes, seeks to fund and improve the music programs in public schools and encourage students to pursue arts and music. Even though 2019 is only the second year for UNITY, Corsten has since collaborated with a number of big names within the EDM industry. He’s worked with the likes of Jordan Suckley, DIM3NSION,  and Saad Ayub. Before “1997,” the Dutch DJ’s last collaboration was with Ilan Bluestone for “We’re Not Going Home,” released last December.

As of now, there’s no word yet as to who Corsten plans to collaborate with for the UNITY project.

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