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Cookies can solve everything! Just ask Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Their years-long feud just ended with a plateful of cookies and a frosted “Peace at Last” on Instagram. Though the dueling pop stars have been behaving well with each other in the past few months, Perry’s post effectively sealed the deal. At least, in the eyes of both fandoms, anyway.

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feels good 🧡 @taylorswift

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While the feud might seem like it was ages ago, it was only last year when both songstresses actually started reaching out to one other. It began when Perry sent Swift an olive branch, complete with a good luck note on it, for the latter’s “Reputation” tour. And just last month, the “Black Space” singer was one of the first to download Perry’s latest single, “Never Really Over,” in her Apple Music playlist. Both have gone a long way from their “Bad Blood” days, but is there something more?

Many of Swift’s fans seem to suggest that this might mean more than just the end of the fight. In fact, they’re going as far as to suspect that the post may be a teaser for an upcoming collaboration. It makes sense, considering both singers are currently promoting new music. Swift is reportedly busy making her seventh studio album. The first single of which, “Me” featuring Brendon Urie, already went to Top 2 of the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart last April. Meanwhile, Perry is currently promoting her latest hit, but she did deny that it’ll lead to a full album release.Whichever it is, it does the heart good seeing celebrities end their beef with one another. This especially goes for women in this day and age. Enjoy your cookies Swifties and Katycats!

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